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Clap Drill

Golfers that struggle with an upper-body dominated transition or an excessively steep downswing, will often notice that they have no problem engaging the lower body and shallowing the arms during their practice swings. This "disconnect" can be a puzzling situation for players, but it can usually be fixed if we take a look at which muscles are firing in the swing along with the timing at which they fire. A great way to simplify this analysis is the clap drill, which teaches when to "pulse" or apply the proper amount of muscle tension in the swing. When done properly, it should provide a feel for how to "brace" at impact and how to swing with a consistent body-driven tempo. Improving both of these swing characteristics will ultimately allow for straighter and longer shots due to improved mechanics and timing of energy transfer. 

Playlists: Keys To Transition, Fix Your Flip, Get More Distance

Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Drill, Beginner

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