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Brush The Ground

One of the core fundamentals to a stock golf swing is getting the club to brush the ground in the right place. This helps with margin of error, consistency of contact, and ability to repeat your swing. Often, it is easy to get too focused on the proper movements, and sometimes going back to the basics of "what do I want the club to do?" can help get your game back on track.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Impact, Release, Drill, Beginner

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This drill is brushed the ground. So this is one of those kind of just big picture drills

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that is great for either your new to the game and you're working on probably the most

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important fundamental or if you get lost into not quite sure what I need to be working

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on because I'm just having contact and ball flight issues. This is a great kind of recalibration

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of ultimately what I'm trying to do when I swing a golf club. And basically what I'm

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trying to do is I'm trying to get that club to brush the ground ahead of the middle

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of my stance. So if I face the camera just like so you can kind of see that T in line.

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Now that club is brushing the ground from just ahead of that T almost to that foot. Now

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if I'm doing this outside you can kind of notice how sharply it you can basically look

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at the ground contact and try to recreate it a number of times. If you're doing it on a

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mat what you have to do is you have to kind of get in tune with the sound. So here that was

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a little bit more clunky than that was a little bit more faint. And so I'm not only trying

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to brush the ground in the same space I'm trying to make the same general sound. So for

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this drill what I usually have my students do is try and brush the ground the exact same way

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three times and then put a ball just inside or sorry just behind where that club is making

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first contact with the ground. So it would look something like this. So kind of making

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trying to make kind of the same sound have the club make contact in the same place. And

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then basically this helps you get lose that ball focus and now I'm just trying to make

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sure that the club brushes in the ground in a similar way as opposed to getting focused

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on how the club is going to hit the ball. So one more time I get it to brush the ground

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brush the ground. So those were both really good so I'm not going to waste my time with

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the third one. I'm going to step up and try to press replay. So brush the ground.

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Progressions is a great way for you to get focused on how the club is interacting with

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the ground instead of the golf ball and then build the swing into how the club is making

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contact with the ground and just let the golf ball get in the way.

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