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Bracing vs Coasting

There are different goals for the wedge shot as for the full swing. One of the more drastic is the need to transfer speed. Finesse wedge shots are more about control. To help achieve that control, the body should coast through impact instead of bracing for it. For many golfers, coasting invokes a sense of ease and lack of effort. This is a perfect image for wedge shots. In this video, Tyler supports the terms with a couple AMM graphs to help you visualize the different goals.

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Tags: Not Enough Distance, Chip, Release, Concept, Intermediate

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This finished wedge video is bracing versus coasting.

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So in this video we want to talk about the body pivot.

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And a term that I kind of coined a couple of weeks ago is for the full swing I've used

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the phrase of bracing of that kind of whip action and that firm left side and that

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body kind of bracing for all the speed of the release.

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To give you a safe platform to be able to absorb as much speed as possible.

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So therefore your brain is free to create as much speed as possible.

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Well, we were comparing graphs and talking about what we wanted to do during the short game.

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And with the short game there's a distinct pattern that we're looking for with the body that we'll see on 3D.

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So on the full swing it will basically accelerate and then decelerate coming into impact.

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With the wedge shots you will tend to see a more of a fainting pattern and you will tend to see even if the peaking

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order stays the same or the transition order stays the same.

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You will tend to see after it peaks it just kind of coasts through impact.

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So I came up with the phrase of coasting for these wedge shots as opposed to bracing.

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You don't want to feel any real kind of aggression or stall or whip action when you're hitting these short shots.

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You want to feel more of a coasting action where the body kind of continues moving through the shot and the ball just happens to get in the way of that body

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coasting through impact.

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If you tend to brace it will tend to cause club face issues and low point control issues and those are just going to give you tremendous difficulty for these precise shots that we're trying to hit around the greens.

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So this does work all the way up until distance wedges.

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So if you're hitting a 40 or 50 yards shot you want that feeling of the body kind of coasting through impact as well.

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Not really bracing but once we start getting into your full swing it starts matching closer to that bracing feeling that we train in the stock tourist wing section.

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So now to demonstrate.

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In the full swing we're going to have that sequencing where the body is well open and then boom those hands are going to be the last piece that kind of go through.

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But your body is essentially stalled just a little bit because it is deselerated in order to provide the platform for those arms to accelerate from.

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In the wedge shots we want to have more of this constant acceleration.

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So we want to think of the club moving at a constant speed all the way until waist height in the follow through.

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And you'll see that there will be some core and upper body continued rotation and some just gentle lower body movement.

00:02:57,000 --> 00:03:00,000
We don't want to have really fast changes of directions.

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We want it to match closer to the underhand toss.

00:03:03,000 --> 00:03:17,000
So the underhand toss kind of has this real Serpi slow smooth tempo as opposed to a overhand throw which has kind of a little whip action where there's an acceleration and then a deseleration.

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So the coasting feeling would be more of that body continuing to rotate through.

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So whether you are doing this one-handed, whether you are doing this with your normal shot, you want to get that feeling of the body working all the way until finish kind of at one speed and the ball just getting in the way.

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