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Band Resisted Early Extension

This is a good drill for doing at home to work on the feeling of staying back during the downswing. Attach a band so that it pulls you into the golf ball, and practice moving into your follow through position and not falling over.

Playlists: At Home Training, Fix Your Early Extension

Tags: Early Extension, Drill, Intermediate

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This is band-resistant early extension and it's a drill to help you build a strong awareness of the feeling of your pelvis not moving in towards the golf ball.

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So it's ideally done at home because you can't actually hit golf balls because of how because the band is in the way of where the club would swing.

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But what you can do is to get shaft and put it in the ground or attach your elastic tubing to something very low so that it's pulling my pelvis in towards it.

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What this will do is force me to overcome a challenge of not going with it but actually overcoming it and getting my hips to stay back, it will help strengthen the muscles that and educate the muscles that allow that to happen.

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So the simple thing is if you have a swing pattern that's going in one direction that's incorrect, if we pull you in that direction it will help you learn to overcome it.

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So you can get used to seeing what this would look like and strengthen those muscles at home so that it'll be much easier for you to do the body against the wall, the reach over the fence or any of the other early extension drills.

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This is a great drill especially for the feel learner to learn the muscles and strengthen the muscles that will help you not early extend.

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