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Arm Height for Top of Swing

Golfers who try to imitate the "high-hands" backswing of Dustin Johnson or a flatter arm swing like Matt Kuchar may be doing so without truly understanding "why" these world class players swing the way they do. Instead of focusing on what other players do in their own swings though, it is best to make swing changes based on your body's own strengths and weaknesses. Or in this case, you would want to ensure you are training a backswing position that is compatible with your shoulder flexibility. To do this, you can perform the classic "lat test" on any nearby wall. Ultimately, if you make sure to stay aware of your spine and arm position, along with any compensations you may use to try and "cheat" the test, you should come away with a good baseline for how your shoulders move and an idea of which style of backswing may suit you best. 

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