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Am I a Motorcycle Training Candidate?

The motorcycle is a key movement for the golf swing. It is useful for:

  1. Fixing a slice
  2. Getting shaft lean and taking a divot
  3. Lowering your flight

If you struggle with any of those three symptoms, then motorcycle training is likely something you'll want to train.

Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Draw vs Fade, Concept, Intermediate, Beginner

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This concept video is asking the question, am I a candidate for motorcycle training?

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So many golfers submit questions into the site and describe that they are working on the

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motorcycle movement and they're just hitting low smother hooks or you know they're hitting

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big pull hooks, they're hitting fat shots and one of the questions I will usually ask is,

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well why did you decide you wanted to work on the motorcycle and nine times out of ten the answer

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is just, well, I make it sound like it's a very important movement and it is so they

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many golfers jump right in whether or not they know that they're doing the motorcycle movement

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or struggling with the motorcycle movement or not. So in this video, I'm going to try to give you

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a little checklist as to decide, do I need to work on the motorcycle movement? So the motorcycle

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movement really addresses a couple key primary skills. One, it closes the face to path.

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So if you struggle with a golf ball that curves to the right too much so if you slice the ball

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or you hit weak kind of weak flares where it just kind of curves off to the right at the end,

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then yes you would benefit from doing some face to path awareness and working on the motorcycle

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movement or basically working on the shaft rotating or the club face rotating closed compared

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to the shaft. One of the other areas is if you are working on getting more of a divot,

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so you're trying to get better compression, you're trying to hit higher up on the face with your

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irons. You're used to being more of a picker style golf ball. Well if you're used to being more

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of a picker of the golf ball, then when you go to add shaft lean, that's going to open the face and

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you're going to hit it right assuming you were already hitting it straight with your picking motion.

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You're going to hit it right unless you add the motorcycle. The third reason that you might want to

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add the motorcycle is similar to that but some golfers who even take divots still hit the ball really

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high. So if you're trying to bring the flight down, if you're trying to take more of a divot

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and get the bottom this wing out in front of the golf ball with your irons or if you are trying to

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get the ball to stop curving to the right, those are the three main reasons you would want to do

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motorcycle movement. If for some reason you are working on your thinking you're needing to do the

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motorcycle but you're hitting more pull draws and that's your main miss. You're hitting shots that

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start to the left and then curve to the left. It's unlikely you really need to train the motorcycle

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and it's probably some other aspects that you need to train. So we want you to be a smart golfer

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here at golf smart academy so make sure that you are only working on the motorcycle. If you have

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one of those three key symptoms of ball curving to the right, not taking divots or ball launching

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way too high, if you don't I would challenge you to submit your swing in that way we can help you work

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through it or look at your own video, look at your miss pattern and figure out which of the other

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key movements your swing may be lacking because it's probably not the motorcycle.

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