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Right Arm Pull, Left Arm Push

Here is a fun way to look at “rotation”. I put it in quotes, because rotation may not actually be rotation, the way you are used to thinking about it. If I flex the left side of my body, and I extend the right side of my body, notice how it creates “rotation. So you can either think of it in this way, or you can think of it as a front side (left) and a backside (right) movement. So, during the takeaway, the left side can push across your body and the right arm can pull the backside of your body to rotate. Notice however, that if your left arm pushes, you will tend to drift off the ball. It is rare to find a tour pro who shifts more than 2-3 inches off the ball in the backswing, but it’s quite common to find higher handicapers. This can sometimes be corrected by learning to pull the club with the right side of the body.

Tags: Backswing, Drill, Intermediate

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