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Head Backswing Awareness - Wall Outside Right Ear

Using the corner of the wall as a spacial guide is a good training aid for making a stable pivot. 3D has shown us that the upper body doesn't move as much as the lower body in the full swing. For this drill, set up with the corner of a wall about two inches off the right side of your head (right handed golfer). Make a backswing using a good 1 piece takeaway and a good shoulder plane and make sure that your head doesn't hit the wall. This will help build the feeling of a centered pivot of the upper body.

Playlists: Stop Standing Up In Your Backswing

Tags: Standing Up, Backswing, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is working on your backswing pivot and making sure that your upper body is not

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drifting too much off the wall. In order to do so, you're going to use a wall as a feedback

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device. So, similar to what we did in the impact drill, you were able to use the wall to

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kind of see in space where your head was. We're going to do the same thing. So, if you had

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a line right up against your head or just slightly off, let's say it's an inch off my head,

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then I do a good one piece take away and then backswing my head would barely touch the wall

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if at all. The tour average is somewhere around one, two inches of shift into the right

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leg. A lot of golfers that try and overload into that right side end up either swaying

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or losing their posture in the backswing like so. So, I'll show you with the wall and

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you'll be able to see from the behind view how I'm able to make a backswing without letting

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my head hit the wall. So, you just get into your golf posture so that it's just off

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your head a little bit and then you're going to make your full backswing and you'll notice

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that my head barely shifted in a vain thing just touched this wall. So, shift like so and

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then when you can come down as you're working on your transition, you can focus on your

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head more or less staying in that position and not drifting too far forward. So, using

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the corner of the wall will help you understand the spatial awareness of where your upper

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body and your head will be when you make a good centered pivot in the backswing.

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