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Zorro Loops - Blending Transition Arms To Release Arms For Driver

Zorro loops is designed to help you feel the change of direction from the arms dropping, or falling, and getting narrow during transition, to the arms pushing and extending during the release.

Playlists: Keys To Transition, Train Your Release

Tags: Driver, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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The drill is Zoro loops for the driver.

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So Zoro loops for the driver is a great drill for feeling the blend between the shallowing

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during transition of the arms and then the steepening or the rotation during the release.

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So essentially what you're going to do, and I'll demonstrate from down the line first,

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is you're going to hold the club up just like it would be at the top of your swing,

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and then you're going to let it fall into this shallowing movement.

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So I'm just going to let it fall, and as it gets towards the bottom of the fall,

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I'm going to feel some tension in my arm, and once that tension gets close to the point

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where it would be too much to handle, I'm going to sling that tension kind of out towards the

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golf ball.

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So it's going to drop, and it's going to sling drop, and then sling.

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So from the face on view, oops, it's going to drop, and then it's going to sling.

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And now this is actually a much easier drill to do with the driver than it is to do with an iron,

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because this shallow move of just the arms is going to shallow out the club and move the bottom of the swing behind the golf ball.

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Now in the normal full swing, that's going to be balanced by that body rotating and being pointed out in front of the golf ball.

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With this drill, I'm not using a lot of the body rotation, so the bottom of the swing is actually going to be slightly behind the golf ball, which is what makes it challenging to do with an iron.

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With a driver, there should be relatively easy and straightforward.

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So there's a couple different ways that you can do it.

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You can either start from here, get into your golf posture, then just let this shallow, and then steepen through the release.

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Or you can start, you know, in your normal setup position.

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I like doing both, they can help you kind of discover and pay attention to different areas within this movement.

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So the other version would be normal driver setup, and then basically I'm just going to let it shallow.

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Normal driver setup, let it shallow before I then release.

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You can do it with or without the pumps.

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There's a lot of flexibility in all these drills really for kind of what your brain wants to pay attention to.

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So then a good little Zoro loop.

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Look something like that.

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And it'll typically hook a little bit more than it would with the full swing.

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But once you have that good feeling, you can then move on to taking full swings and just feeling that that Zoro loop transition kind of right.

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And this kind of right in this space here.

00:02:48,000 --> 00:02:53,000
Where you may be used to feeling everything kind of started at the ball straight from the top.

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So it really helps with that transition shallow move and the timing of these arm movements as they relate to the body.

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