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Warm Up Like A Tour Pro - Jason Day and Alex Noren

To play well at golf you need to have a routine. That routine needs to be built around how you perform the best. The three big ways to train your brain for movements are:

Visual, Feel, Rhythm. 

Different drills can work on each aspect. While it's best to use all styles in practice, you'll see pros gravitate towards one style for getting ready to perform. With trial and error, you'll find yours too.

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In this video, we're going to take a look at the warm-up routines of Jason Day and

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Alex Norton at the Tori Pines tournament a couple of weeks ago.

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So you may have noticed that with the playoff they ran out of daylight and they had to

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start the next day.

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Well, on Facebook they did a great job of posting a video of these two getting warmed up.

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You saw two totally different systems.

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One golfer was working on really grooving his feel, the other was really grooving his feeling

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of target awareness and alignment.

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Now, you got to play around to kind of figure out which one's more important for you.

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I tend to be more of a feel golfer, but I know many good golferers who are more of

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the visual target awareness.

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You can play great.

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The important thing is to know what works for you and that comes from trial and error.

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What you saw both of them doing was they would hit maybe a shot to maybe a little cluster

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up to five for Alex and then they would recalibrate.

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So Alex would go into recalibrating by doing his little exaggerated crunch and white

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move and Jason would recalibrate by walking back behind them all starting over and recalibrating

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his vision even though he had an alignment stick down the whole time.

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So play around with how you get warmed up and make sure that you have a specific purpose

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that you're trying to calibrate in order to get ready for the day.

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Through trial and error you'll be able to figure out what it is that you need to focus

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on in order to play your best.

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Let's take a look and see just how these warm up routines look from both Alex and Jason.

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So here we have the two of them getting warmed up over on the left is Alex and over on

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the right is Jason Day.

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You can see that Jason Day has an alignment stick down and he started from behind the

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ball and Alex's mid-routine there.

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Alex would hit a handful of golf balls and then he would back away from the golf ball

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and recalibrate his movement where we'll see Jason in between shots would recalibrate

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So now here over on the left we're going to see Alex doing that little crunch and white

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movement and if you've done your drills enough so that you build a strong enough map,

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you build a good awareness of the drill, then you can do what he just did.

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That was a little five second practice move and it kind of reminded his brain what he's

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trying to do.

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Now we've got Jason actually demonstrating a hard skill of putting a ball on a tee just

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using the club in the foot.

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So fairly loose here during the warm up.

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He goes back to start the process.

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He didn't even look at the target too long in that rep.

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It was more of just getting set back to home base basically.

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His swing starts from behind the wall.

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So then he goes through his pre-shout routine, hits a good shot, gets another ball

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from the caddy and what you'll see is he's not just going to stand there and whack away.

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He's getting ready to go play.

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So he goes back and he recets to his visual alignment.

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Now he's going to walk back up, go through his same alignment routine.

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So he's basically going through the process that he's going to use on the course.

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I find two often that amateurs are just getting physically warmed up trying to find a

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physical groove and they do so by hitting balls in rapid succession.

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And when you hit the balls in rapid succession, you might get a decent feel for the short

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turn, but you don't actually build a feel for the long turn.

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It's kind of the difference between cramming for a test versus actually study.

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So Alex is going to practice his short game.

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Let's go back to Jason and you'll see one more ball, every ball starting from behind the

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golf ball.

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I challenge my students, especially those who we think are visual, to start every golf ball

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behind the golf ball, have a visual alignment stations, just late Jason is doing here.

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If you're more of a feel golfer than you'll want to use more of the setup that the routine

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and Alex was doing, hit four or five balls and then if you need to recalibrate by practicing

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your feel move.

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This will help you take your game from the range to the course.

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