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Shallow The Release - Unhinge Then Supinate

Training your release is important for consistency of contact. If you have trouble taking time off and finding your swing quickly, you could have a release issue. One of the common issues during the release is timing the movements of the unhinge and the supination. These movements should be triggered by the body, but they'll only happen if your brain allows it to do so.

Tags: Poor Contact, Driver, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This release video is unhinged and supinate.

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So this video is the goal is to help you understand the look or a certain look on 2D.

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So many golfers complain about one of two things. Either a look of getting a little bit steep through here,

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or they may not even be aware that they're getting steep through there.

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But the one that they really tend to complain about is the look of the lead wrist breaking down

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and the arms passing kind of like this.

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So it's important to connect the two of those looks together in the one kind of 3D understanding of what's going on in this wing.

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You really have two major options of squaring the club face down here at the bottom.

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One would be if I'm going to supinate the wrist kind of like so without unhinging.

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So I supinate without really unhinging and then what'll happen that club face looks like it's really close.

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So now I have to extend on the way through kind of like this.

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Now I can still hit it solidly, but you can see that that's going to tend to create a narrowing on the way through

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or at the very least, a very leftward path because of that extension of the lead wrist, allowing the club to pass.

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So it'll either give the look of more of a chicken wing on the way through or it'll give more of a look of more of a body stall on the way through.

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To combat that, to get more of a look of having that shaft lean, you really have to work on getting or allowing this full unhing.

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If you do this full unhing, then to square it, you now have to add this supination.

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So great way you can practice it at home is getting the arm about 45 degrees like so, and then letting it unhing.

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So that everything is pretty much in a straight line, and then when it's in that straight line, letting it rotate until the back of the glove is pointing towards the target.

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So unhing and then let it rotate with the club that would look unhing and then let it rotate.

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And you can see that that's coming in pretty square as long as my hands are ahead, as opposed to doing it more like this, and then balancing it out by extending that wrist in the way through.

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That's also square, but it did so with very little shaft lean.

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The way you'll be able to detect the difference is either if the club face looks like it's rotating and looks like it's pointing at the target.

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But from the face on camera you have zero shaft lean, then you know that you did it more with that extension version.

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If you get to here and it looks steep, like the club looks like it's high there, but then it gets down kind of in the very last seconds.

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That's also a sign that you're doing it more with that supinate and then extend.

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If it looks like it's getting underneath, but then the hands exit more left, that's a good indication that you're doing more of this unhing and then supinate.

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So the key thing for the scoop or for the flip release is not so much this hinging unhinging on the way through.

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That's a, that has to happen much earlier.

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If you unhing, then you're typically not going to extend because when you extend you'll start rehinging.

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So it's a little complicated to kind of think about, but it's really only these two major options.

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Unhing and then supinate or don't unhing, supinate and then extend.

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So to practice it, you can, I like to put in some pump style release drills where I'm feeling just that unhing.

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So I'll practice kind of doing some of these movements, just kind of straight unhinging from there, making sure that it's not getting out that way, but straight unhinging through there.

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And then letting that couple with enough rotation so that I get that to go straight.

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If I start doing this unhing and I'm in kind of a lunge pattern kind of like so where I'm used to not letting that rotate, then all hit balls that will go well off to the right.

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If I'm doing a better job of getting this unhing and and follow through.

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Positional kind of look like that.

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That's a good timing of the unhing, but not nearly enough or early enough timing of the supination.

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So this can help you dial in that last little bit if you're getting either a little steep or a little narrow.

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It's probably because you're missing in the unhing and you may be missing the unhing because you're not rotating.

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So you want to train those two together both at home and when you're doing some of your release style drills.

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