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Trash Talk Swings

This is a great drill for golfers who tend to get hung up on positions. As we all know, when working on technical drills or concepts, it is easy for our swing to feel more like a check-list of "to-dos" and less like a fluid & athletic motion. If you are a player who falls into this category, you should try talking or telling a story to your playing partners while swinging. This may sound like a strange concept, but it is actually backed by some strong golf science and several respected mental game coaches. As Dr. Debbie Crews often says, we want to "program" the motion into our subconscious and simply allow for it to occur once we are over the ball. Hopefully, this technique will help you move from an over-active left-brain and recruit a more balanced (and even right-brain biased) approach when over the ball. Remember, under pressure, we must allow for the subconscious to rule and in turn, focus more on "being" and less on "doing". 

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Tags: Practice Strategies, Mental Game, Drill, Intermediate

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