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Keys To Transition

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The Transition Overview

Getting into Delivery Position

  • Weight into left heel
  • left shoulder down
  • chest down
  • right elbow in
  • wrists set

This is one of the most important moves in the golf swing and one of the biggest differentiations between elite golfers and high handicappers. I like to use the analogy of stepping into a pitch with a lot of my students. The swinging of the club has a lot of similar transition moves to the throw. You want to shift your weight by pushing off the trail foot. It is important that the trail foot pushes off the inside of the foot (toward the target) vs pushing toward the golf ball. When you shift your weight, you want to sequence movement from the lower body first. When the weight shifts, you are going to let your left shoulder stay down and keep your chest down. At the same time you are going to bring the clubhead close to you. To do this, you are going to flex your trail elbow, you are going to extend your right wrist, and you are going to flex, or bow the left wrist.

The forearms rotate to flatten the plane while the body stays over the ball. A big problem for novice golfers is standing up with the body, and steepening the arms. We want to do the opposite, flatten the arms and steepen the body.

Understanding the head drop - the spine is a flexible rod of a fixed length. When you go to the top of the swing, this is going to lengthen the spine. if you then shift your weight by moving your pelvis 4 inches or so toward the target, then the head will have to drop unless it goes with the hips. The larger the lower body moves backward and toward the target, the more the drop, the more the lower body stays put and goes toward the golf ball, the more the head will rise.

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