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Train Your Release

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The Release Overview

  • Left wrist flat and supinating
  • Right wrist extends
  • Right Elbow extends

Remember, the release has happened AFTER transition, so keep in mind that by this point, your lowerbody has shifted over the front foot. The amount that it has shifted is almost half a pelvis width to the left and at the same time your arms have reached a narrow position in preparation for delivering speed. The left wrist will bow and the right wrist will cup.

Now, we want to try and keep the clubface closing while we extend our arms through the ball. It is often helpful to make sure that the right arm does not get too straight before impact. Like a boxer throwing a punch, you want to hit THROUGH the target, and hit before it. if the elbow leads the hands to impact, then you will create lag, but leave the clubface open unless you do the motorcycle move at the same time.

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In this concept video, we're going to discuss the last key movement which is the release.

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So the release is roughly going to be from the delivery position, which is somewhere around here,

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through to the follow-through position, which is somewhere around there.

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Okay, so basically from waist height to waist height.

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That's where the release or where a lot of the arm stuff happens.

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Now, just to refresh this delivery position from the arms perspective,

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the delivery position is going to be the end of transition.

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You're going to have your trail arm or your right arm in towards your belly button.

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We'll start with palm up and then extend the wrist of the palm as facing away from you.

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You're going to match that by left forearm pointed down and then palm facing away.

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This is that classic position right here where the club faces perpendicular to my wrist or close to it like this.

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This ends up being that last parallel to the ground where my hands are facing directly away from where my chest is.

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So we just train that position because that's where we're trying to get to before the arms extend.

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When the arms extend, the left wrist is roughly going to rotate.

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It's not going to have a large movement going across your body like so.

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It's roughly going to rotate and extend out like so.

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So you can see where those fingers are pointed, we have drill videos to help you figure out where all that stuff is.

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The right wrist from this delivery position.

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The shoulder or the elbow is going to work across your body as best you can, which helps the lay the release of the right wrist.

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The tricep is then going to extend and the palm is going to rotate down, but notice how the elbow stay pointed down.

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So it's not a big shoulder movement like so.

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It's just a forearm movement like this.

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So those two fit just like so we've got drills that will help you figure out how all that fits the other.

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The body movements that must accompany that are going to be a little bit tricky.

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So when we go to the top of the swing and we go through transition, we're kind of getting all of our weight into that left leg.

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The reason we're bending and getting into this left side is so that it can then press up or I can straighten my legs when I go to straighten my arms.

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As I go to straighten my legs during this release, my upper body is actually going to drift slightly backward.

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And the reason is what I'm doing with my arms is creating a very steep angle of attack.

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If I just stayed on top of the golf ball with my upper body and did the arm movement, the club would basically stick straight in the ground behind the golf ball like so.

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So what gets it from hitting there to ahead of the golf ball is going to be the body movement.

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As I get to here, this delivery position, now my legs are going to straighten and my right shoulder is going to go down so that when my arms extend to go to that follow through position, the club is approaching on kind of a flat angle as opposed to going steeply in the ground.

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Again, the sounds very complicated and it there are a lot of details to it, but it feels very athletic for most people that I've had try this little progression.

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So I have a lot of drills to help you feel what the hinge should be doing and how the body responds and train each one of them individually but also together because in order for the arms to work properly, the body has to have a little bit of this bracing movement.

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One of the analogies I like is you've got a happy 100 pound dog, you got it by a leash, you're going to go running with the dog, but then it's going to start running faster than you because it's a big dog.

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Then you have to start bracing so that it doesn't run away from you.

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It's kind of like transition as I get this happy dog running and then release, I'm like, oh no, I better back up and brace for it and that's that push against the ground with the arms or sorry push against the ground with the leg straightening as the arms straightened.

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So there's a fair amount going on in this release and that's why we've broken it down into many different drills that help you feel the pieces.

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But you don't have to do them all in order to have success, each one that you add should make you a little bit more consistent and a little bit more solid.

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If transition is where 90% of the swing air show up, this is where the other 9.99% show up is during this release.

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And we'll go over more of that in the troubleshooting video, but just pay attention to the arms extending but not flipping while the body presses against the ground and continues to side bend.

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