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Train Your Release

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The Release Overview

  • Left wrist flat and supinating
  • Right wrist extends
  • Right Elbow extends

Remember, the release has happened AFTER transition, so keep in mind that by this point, your lowerbody has shifted over the front foot. The amount that it has shifted is almost half a pelvis width to the left and at the same time your arms have reached a narrow position in preparation for delivering speed. The left wrist will bow and the right wrist will cup.

Now, we want to try and keep the clubface closing while we extend our arms through the ball. It is often helpful to make sure that the right arm does not get too straight before impact. Like a boxer throwing a punch, you want to hit THROUGH the target, and hit before it. if the elbow leads the hands to impact, then you will create lag, but leave the clubface open unless you do the motorcycle move at the same time.

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