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The Release Overview

  • Legs extend
  • Arms extend
  • Thorax (chest) continues rotating and sidebending

Remember, the release has happened AFTER transition, so keep in mind that by this point, your lowerbody has shifted almost half a pelvis width to the left and your arms have reached a narrow position in preparation for delivering speed. The left wrist will bow and the right wrist will cup. If you remember, this happened in the transition move and it serves the purpose of squaring the face and narrowing the arc. Now, we want to try and keep the clubface closing while we extend our arms through the ball. It is often helpful to make sure that the right arm does not get too straight before impact. Like a boxer throwing a punch, you want to hit THROUGH the target, and hit before it. The torso will continue rotating and side-bending through impact.

Tags: Release, Concept, Intermediate

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This concept video is the overview of the release.

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Now, the release is essentially the second half of the downswing, and it's basically going

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from the end of transition, which is delivery position right about here, all the way until

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follow through. So, from right about here to right about there is really one movement.

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Now, it builds off of this transition movement, so make sure you've watched that section.

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But essentially what I'm going to do is I'm going to take this speed that I've created during

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transition, and I'm going to try and release it or transfer it all into the golf ball.

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Now, there's a few things that are going to happen with my body in order to do so.

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The first piece is I'm going to have my legs straightening and my felt kind of raising up kind of

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like so. So, I'm using the ground and I'm using my legs to help trigger this release or this

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unloading of all this speed that I've created. The second thing is I'm going to have my body to continue

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rotating or my thorax, my chest, to continue rotating through the shot. One of the interesting

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pieces is if you look at the kinematic sequence of most good ball strikers, what you will see

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is that during this release phase, their chest is going to be rotating faster than every other

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part of their body. So, while their lower body is stabilizing and their arms are stabilizing,

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their chest continues to rotate through the shot at the fastest rate, except for what's going

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on at the club. So, the third piece is going to be the arms extending. So, from

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right about here until I get to the end of the follow-through, these arms are going to be working

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away from my body and extending as we talk about in this release section. So, the arms are going to

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be working away from my body and they're rotating more from the fact that I'm working away from my

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body than I'm just consciously rotating to try and square the face. So, let's get into a little bit

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of these details of how these three key movements fit together. So, when I get to this delivery position,

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I'm loaded in my legs, my chest is I'm kind of compressed against the ground and then what I'm

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going to do is I'm going to use those legs to push like so. And when I push through this primarily

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lead leg and lead hip, that's going to cause my body to rotate. So, that's going to cause my body

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to rotate and then similar to the timing of throwing a baseball that rotation of my upper body is

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going to help propel my arms through the shot. Now, I talk about the arms working away from your body,

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but what you'll see from a down-the-line camera view is during this release from right about here

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until that follow-through, my hands are going to be moving slightly in because they are following

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because they're tethered to the rotation of my upper body. And I guess I should say when I talk

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about this rotation of the upper body, it's not just a rotation, it's a combination of a rotation

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and a side bend. So, what'll happen is there's my delivery position. I'm going to rotate and

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continue side bending through the shot as my arms extend. So, for details on how to use your legs,

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how to continue rotating your trunk, or what your arms need to do in order to allow them to continue

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to extend through the shot, check out all the drills here in the release section.

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