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Technique To Dialing In Your Distance Control with Wedges

Let's say that your shoulder height backswing hits your 56 degree wedge 80 yards. And now, here you are on the course, and you are 76 yards away. There are lots of ways that you could adjust your distance 4 yards, but one of the biggest ways to make sure that you have good distance control is to have a consistent tempo. If you have consistent tempo, then a small change in backswing length, or a small change in griping up or down on the grip will make small changes easy. Here are some logical ways to see what strategies work best for you to control your tempo:

  • Look at follow through position. If it is consistent, then the force was probably consistent.
  • Make sure your upper body, or club, doesn't stop at impact but continues to chest height
  • On a scale of 1:10, aim for a 5 or 6 out of 10 when swinging a distance wedge.

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