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Swing Analysis - Jordan Spieth

Jordan is a young golfer with a lot of promise, but there are two indicators that he may have some physical issues down the road, or may continue to struggle with his mid-iron game until he makes some swing changes.

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Tags: Analysis, Intermediate


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in this analysis video we're gonna take

00:00:02.280 --> 00:00:05.069
a look at jordan Spieth now jordan

00:00:05.069 --> 00:00:07.770
Spieth is currently 14th in the world he

00:00:07.770 --> 00:00:10.769
is statistics if we look at the end of

00:00:10.769 --> 00:00:13.559
2004 are very solid with the short game

00:00:13.559 --> 00:00:15.450
but he struggled a little bit with his

00:00:15.450 --> 00:00:17.520
iron play so we're gonna take a look at

00:00:17.520 --> 00:00:19.949
his swing and see what he does well that

00:00:19.949 --> 00:00:22.529
allows him to succeed and be 14th in the

00:00:22.529 --> 00:00:23.880
world and we're also going to take a

00:00:23.880 --> 00:00:25.080
look at a few things that we could

00:00:25.080 --> 00:00:27.539
possibly improve on if he were to come

00:00:27.539 --> 00:00:30.890
to golf smart Academy for help

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