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Stock Distances - Finesse Wedge

One of the most endearing aspects of golf is its variability. That is, in your typical round, there are not two shots that are alike. Thus, we often work hard to train our "touch" (or ability to fine tune distance) for the full-swing, short-game, and putting. Of course, when it comes to the "finesse wedge", the same can be said. 

However, as a finesse wedge shot is typically less than 40 yards, players can struggle at times to find their "in-between" distances. For cases such as this, I will often use a few easy references (and some reliable, tour-driven golf science) to help students build a couple more "go-to" shots.

When done properly, players should have a repeatable strategy for shots ranging from 30 to 5 yards in carry distance.

Playlists: Practice Strategies, Finesse Wedge - Chipping and Pitching

Tags: Fundamentals, Pitch, Chip, Practice Strategies, Drill, Intermediate

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