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Stacked Backswing

Place two yardage sticks in the ground that are 1 inch apart. Practice making backswings where your upper body moves from the yardage stick furthest away from the target, to the one closer to the target. This feeling, combined with starting a little more ahead of the golf ball will make some of you feel like you are very much on top of the golf ball. This is a critical key for making consistent, solid contact with distance wedges.

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This drill video is the one-inch lean.

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Now, this is kind of the counterpart to the three-inch lean that we have in the

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finesse wedge swing.

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For the distance wedge, it's just a subtle little shift towards the target.

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Helps keep you standard, helps keep your shoulders level, and helps encourage the

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little bit more of the casting arm movement or kind of your full extended arm movement

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through the release, as opposed to having that pronounced lag that we create in the stock

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full swing.

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So, it's a very simple drill.

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You're going to take two alignment rods.

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I recommend different colors.

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So, I've got, I'm going to set up with the orange stick in front of my short buttons

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or in front of my nose.

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And then, during the backswing, I'm going to move in front of the yellow one.

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So, the ball position is going to be my normal distance wedge just forward of center, ball

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position from my upper body just off my ear, and then during the backswing, we're going to

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move from orange to yellow.

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So, orange to yellow.

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Orange to yellow.

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And it's, if you get distracted visually, like if you at store stress visually, then this

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is a tough drill to have this close to the golf ball.

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So, you can use this as what I call training station, which would basically be, you're

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going to set up to it and you're going to get the feeling of it.

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So, and then you're going to step back so that it's out of the field of view and then

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try to recreate it.

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