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Square Clubface - Takeaway

A "one-piece" takeaway is a powerful and reliable way to start the swing. It not only alleviates the need for timing and compensation, but when done correctly, allows for the big muscles to start loading early; this creates a strong platform for your pivot and will promote consistency under pressure.

However, many golfers who work on this movement tend to end up with an overly closed or open clubface. When done correctly, one should see that the clubface matches your spine angle or is close to vertical (when the club is at the 9 o'clock position or parallel to the ground); this is what we will call "square". 

If this is not the case, you may need to quiet your arm/shoulder movements or work on engaging your lower-body & core. Finding the right "balance" here is key, so do not be afraid to spend some extra time on this movement. 

Playlists: Build your one piece takeaway

Tags: Fundamentals, Backswing, Drill, Intermediate

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