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Single Arm Rope Release Training

Many golfers struggle transitioning from an active release training to more of a body driven, passive, release style. The rope helps you feel more body centered movements. Feeling the lead arm supinate, ulnar deviate and maintain that width through the ball is really helpful as part of lead arm only training. The trail wrist wipe can also be trained, but it's not as impactful as what the brain seems to learn from the lead arm rope training.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Chicken Wing, Cast, Iron, Driver, Impact, Follow Through, Release, Drill, Beginner

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This drill is single arm rope training.

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So I've got two different examples here,

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but basically what you want to do is you're going to take your trusty rope that you use for some of your power training,

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and you're going to tie some soft object to it.

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So these are really flexible cones that I like.

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They actually seem to provide a good amount of resistance,

00:00:20,000 --> 00:00:22,000
where this is some athletic tape.

00:00:22,000 --> 00:00:27,000
So it's a little bit denser, more of a ball bearing at the end of the rope.

00:00:27,000 --> 00:00:29,000
I don't think you get quite as good of a feel.

00:00:30,000 --> 00:00:35,000
The purpose of this drill is to help you take some of those single arm release movements

00:00:35,000 --> 00:00:42,000
and learn how to let them happen as opposed to trying to consciously make them happen.

00:00:42,000 --> 00:00:47,000
Right? So a lot of times you're training whether it's the trail arm or the lead arm,

00:00:47,000 --> 00:00:52,000
and you'll get really tense and tight trying to supinate or trying to unhing.

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And the problem is when you create a lot of arm tension,

00:00:56,000 --> 00:01:00,000
your brain has to create more stability further up the chain.

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So if you create a lot of arm tension,

00:01:02,000 --> 00:01:06,000
your brain has to stabilize the shoulder in your ribcage.

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And when it stabilizes, it's going to tend to stall or stop some of your movement.

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So what'll happen is you're doing some of these arm training,

00:01:14,000 --> 00:01:17,000
and then you get over the golf ball and you've got too much tension,

00:01:17,000 --> 00:01:19,000
and you'll see the body kind of brace,

00:01:19,000 --> 00:01:20,000
and that'll mess up your contact,

00:01:20,000 --> 00:01:26,000
and it'll prevent you from really getting out of the drill,

00:01:27,000 --> 00:01:30,000
what you want, which is the ability to hit solid contact

00:01:30,000 --> 00:01:33,000
with good arm movements with very little effort.

00:01:33,000 --> 00:01:37,000
So the rope training can be a way to kind of feel

00:01:37,000 --> 00:01:41,000
guiding the movements as opposed to forcing them to happen.

00:01:41,000 --> 00:01:43,000
So I'll demonstrate most of it with the one that I like,

00:01:43,000 --> 00:01:46,000
which is the few alignment cones,

00:01:46,000 --> 00:01:48,000
but basically it took a rope,

00:01:48,000 --> 00:01:50,000
tied to some athletic tape at the end,

00:01:50,000 --> 00:01:54,000
and then you'll choke up a little bit,

00:01:54,000 --> 00:01:58,000
so that it's, you know, let's say a little bit wider than shoulders.

00:01:58,000 --> 00:02:01,000
All right, so I'm not trying to max that out as much as I can,

00:02:01,000 --> 00:02:03,000
a little bit wider than shoulders.

00:02:03,000 --> 00:02:06,000
Now what you're going to do is you're going to make a little body pivot,

00:02:06,000 --> 00:02:09,000
so that the club or the rope would be at about delivery position.

00:02:09,000 --> 00:02:12,000
So about 45 degree angle with the arm,

00:02:12,000 --> 00:02:15,000
uh, the rope pointed out at about the target line.

00:02:15,000 --> 00:02:19,000
Then from here, you're going to let go with your right hand,

00:02:19,000 --> 00:02:24,000
pivot with your body, and let your arm swing through,

00:02:24,000 --> 00:02:27,000
going through the good single arm release movement.

00:02:27,000 --> 00:02:32,000
So, um, going into unhinging and flexing,

00:02:32,000 --> 00:02:34,000
and then ending with supination.

00:02:34,000 --> 00:02:39,000
And so that movement pattern will look, grab the rope,

00:02:40,000 --> 00:02:41,000
kind of like that.

00:02:41,000 --> 00:02:45,000
Now what you'll see is when I grab the discs,

00:02:45,000 --> 00:02:47,000
they've got a little bit more resistance,

00:02:47,000 --> 00:02:50,000
and the weight is kind of distributed a little bit wider,

00:02:50,000 --> 00:02:53,000
so it'll, I'll get a stronger sensation,

00:02:53,000 --> 00:02:58,000
like it's actually floating through there, and I can really kind of guide that movement.

00:02:58,000 --> 00:03:02,000
And you'll see that the, the rope,

00:03:02,000 --> 00:03:04,000
or my shoulder stays connected,

00:03:05,000 --> 00:03:08,000
through to about here, and then when it swings through,

00:03:08,000 --> 00:03:10,000
that's when my arm disconnects.

00:03:10,000 --> 00:03:14,000
I'm not pulling it through with the arm straight from the get go.

00:03:15,000 --> 00:03:17,000
Now, you can do this with the trail arm.

00:03:17,000 --> 00:03:20,000
I have to admit, I mostly use this for the lead arm.

00:03:20,000 --> 00:03:24,000
I mostly use it for feeling that smooth supination on the way through,

00:03:25,000 --> 00:03:29,000
especially for golfers who tend to kind of get close to impact,

00:03:29,000 --> 00:03:33,000
and then start to re-hinge or chicken wing or bend and pull it up.

00:03:33,000 --> 00:03:39,000
And it won't feel really fluid if you do that movement with the release,

00:03:39,000 --> 00:03:45,000
but letting the arm extend, letting the weight of the club kind of help the supination

00:03:45,000 --> 00:03:48,000
and the owner deviation and that follow through,

00:03:48,000 --> 00:03:51,000
as it kind of extends out towards this argument,

00:03:51,000 --> 00:03:53,000
the rope gives you really strong feeling.

00:03:53,000 --> 00:03:55,000
Now, if you're going to do trail arm,

00:03:55,000 --> 00:03:58,000
so you're going to work a little bit on the wipe and getting the rope to swing

00:03:58,000 --> 00:04:00,000
on the other side of the golf ball,

00:04:00,000 --> 00:04:04,000
you got to be a little creative with how you grip it, I'll show you what I mean.

00:04:05,000 --> 00:04:08,000
Because I can't really, this is going to feel awkward,

00:04:08,000 --> 00:04:12,000
so what I found is the easiest way is to grip it behind the back,

00:04:12,000 --> 00:04:14,000
unless you have a really restricted shoulder.

00:04:14,000 --> 00:04:18,000
So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to initiate a little bit of the wipe movement,

00:04:19,000 --> 00:04:24,000
and I'm going to feel that arm extend after the golf ball.

00:04:25,000 --> 00:04:28,000
As opposed to what this can be helpful for feeling,

00:04:28,000 --> 00:04:31,000
is if you normally just swing right at the golf ball,

00:04:32,000 --> 00:04:37,000
you'll feel a little bit more of the internal rotation

00:04:38,000 --> 00:04:42,000
as opposed to kind of that form or the elbow pit staying up as the form

00:04:42,000 --> 00:04:44,000
rotates through and extends.

00:04:45,000 --> 00:04:49,000
So now we'll grip it back, we'll be right on our own link,

00:04:49,000 --> 00:04:54,000
grip it behind the back, and now I'm going to make my little body pivot with my white movement

00:04:55,000 --> 00:04:59,000
and swing it out in front. Then what you can do is you can grab your club and you can do the

00:04:59,000 --> 00:05:05,000
single arm release drills. They will feel a little bit weird if you've done a number of reps with the rope,

00:05:05,000 --> 00:05:09,000
but take enough practice swing so it starts to feel a little bit comfortable,

00:05:09,000 --> 00:05:13,000
and then try to integrate that fluid feeling into the release.

00:05:14,000 --> 00:05:21,000
If you're not making solid contact, use that as a diagnostic to figure out why aren't you making solid contact.

00:05:21,000 --> 00:05:27,000
What movement is out of position? Because basically what it's saying is that your tension is actually

00:05:27,000 --> 00:05:32,000
saving the fact that you're out of position, and the rope drill is a great way to reveal that.

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