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Single Arm Ping Pong Paddle Release Training

Trail arm - Keeping the extension in your wrist as long as you can, let your trail elbow work across your chest, then extend your arm through impact into follow through

Left arm - The sequence of the left wrist is flex, unhinge (ulnar deviate), then rotate (supinate). If you are not coming from a shallow enough arm plane, then this movement will hit a smother hook because the path will be way left with a club face closed to the path. However, if you do the flattening movement that we teach in transition, then you can do this movement without fear.

Playlists: Train Your Release, Fix Your Flip

Tags: Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is wrist education with ping pong pedal.

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Now, I'm going to use a ping pong pedal, but the purpose of this drill is to practice the release

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at home away from golf.

00:00:12,000 --> 00:00:17,000
So just to put in reps and get the wrist used to doing what they're going to try to do.

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So you can use a ping pong pedal.

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There are 70 bucks at target.

00:00:22,000 --> 00:00:26,000
Otherwise, you can use an old grip with a shaft that you've cut.

00:00:26,000 --> 00:00:30,000
Or you could use a very lightweight, I'd say less than five pounds.

00:00:30,000 --> 00:00:39,000
Basically what you're going to do, you're going to take your normal grip and then we're going to practice the wrist movements and see what it does with the club face and how it all fits together.

00:00:39,000 --> 00:00:43,000
So I'm going to put down the grip and use the ping pong pedal.

00:00:43,000 --> 00:00:51,000
So first we're going to train the lead wrist, in my case, I'm right here in golf or so the left wrist, and then we'll train the right wrist and then we'll put them together.

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So first for the lead wrist, I'm going to take what looks like a normal grip.

00:00:55,000 --> 00:01:03,000
So the thumb is just off to the side of this vertical of the ping pong pedal, which is another reason I like it, because you can't really put your thumb straight down the shaft.

00:01:03,000 --> 00:01:05,000
It has to be off to this side.

00:01:05,000 --> 00:01:08,000
And the V is pointing somewhere over in this general direction.

00:01:08,000 --> 00:01:20,000
I'm going to get in my golf posture and we're going to train the wrist from what it's going to do at the end of the transition or from delivery position drill through the release into the follow-through position.

00:01:21,000 --> 00:01:29,000
So we're going to bring the arm basically across my body like so so that it would be pointing roughly down kind of on the target line.

00:01:29,000 --> 00:01:37,000
First movement we're going to make is we're going to flatten this left wrist because in transition we would have already practiced doing the motor cycle drill.

00:01:37,000 --> 00:01:41,000
Or at the top of the swing we would have practiced bowing this left wrist or getting this left wrist flat.

00:01:41,000 --> 00:01:46,000
Now with the ping pong pedal you'll see that that points the face away from me just like so.

00:01:47,000 --> 00:01:54,000
Now I'm going to do the body movements of the merry go round so that my hand is kind of in front of me pointing at the golf ball.

00:01:54,000 --> 00:01:58,000
I'll actually set up to a golf ball for you.

00:01:58,000 --> 00:02:03,000
So one there now my hand is roughly even with the golf ball.

00:02:03,000 --> 00:02:08,000
Now from here I'm going to start to what's called owner deviate or unhing.

00:02:08,000 --> 00:02:11,000
So I'm basically just going like so.

00:02:12,000 --> 00:02:22,000
So I'm going to get to here just like so and now while keeping my elbow pointing in the general direction of the target I'm going to allow that wrist to rotate.

00:02:22,000 --> 00:02:31,000
So it's going to go flex or one body moves and we're going to go unhings two and then rotate three.

00:02:31,000 --> 00:02:37,000
So we'll do it one more time flex body movement unhing.

00:02:37,000 --> 00:02:46,000
Rotate just like so now I'm not rotating my whole shoulder I'm just rotating my forearm because at impact.

00:02:46,000 --> 00:02:57,000
The average is whatever you set up with your arm is going to be rotated about 20 degrees more this way and that just has to it has to do with how much body rotation.

00:02:57,000 --> 00:03:03,000
You're you've had in order and what would get the club face pointing in the direction of the target okay.

00:03:03,000 --> 00:03:06,000
So let's do the trail risk now.

00:03:06,000 --> 00:03:16,000
So we're going to do the trail risk from the same phase so we're going to come to here basically the trail risk we're going to hinge it just like so and then I'm going to extend this arm out.

00:03:16,000 --> 00:03:23,000
So we're going to go to the end of delivery position which right about here and we're going to have it pointing in the general direction of the target line.

00:03:23,000 --> 00:03:31,000
So it's not going to be straight up and down it's going to be on an angle pointing it around the target line or even further out just good.

00:03:31,000 --> 00:03:37,000
I'm going to extend this wrist just basically just doing that movement there.

00:03:37,000 --> 00:03:53,000
So I'm going to extend this wrist and now I'm going to try to lead with my elbow until my hand is past the ball and then from here I'm going to cover the golf ball just like so now I'm in this drill I'm not going to be releasing this trail risk.

00:03:53,000 --> 00:03:56,000
So it's going to stay extended as I push.

00:03:56,000 --> 00:04:03,000
So I'm going to come here I'm going to flatten I'm going to lead with the elbow and then I'm going to extend.

00:04:03,000 --> 00:04:21,000
Lead with the elbow and then I'm going to extend now if I was to put these two together basically this left wrist as we do in the single arm really drills with the club you'll see it's going to basically flatten on hinge and then roll.

00:04:21,000 --> 00:04:34,000
This right wrist is basically going to work across my body and then extend and what that does is there's the extension this works across my body and now when they extend you can see that they line up.

00:04:34,000 --> 00:04:49,000
So basically because this right wrist is trying to go like this and this left wrist is basically just unhinging pointing that thumb away kind of like so they end up lining up towards the left half of my body which would be slightly ahead of the golf ball or slightly ahead of my body.

00:04:50,000 --> 00:04:55,000
So if I do this in combination to the other we're going to do left wrist and right wrist.

00:04:55,000 --> 00:05:02,000
I can put the focus in either hand but they should be able to work together to do roughly the same movements.

00:05:02,000 --> 00:05:07,000
So first I'll try it with just the left wrist controlling and the right wrist following.

00:05:07,000 --> 00:05:10,000
So I'm going to go there we are at the end of delivery position.

00:05:10,000 --> 00:05:16,000
I'm going to flatten the left wrist right wrist feels pretty much where it was when it was working by itself.

00:05:16,000 --> 00:05:22,000
Now I'm going to do that merry-around. You'll see that that helped my right arm work across my body.

00:05:22,000 --> 00:05:32,000
The left wrist is going to unhing that starts that trail elbow extending and then they're going to rotate through together while that elbow states pointing in the direction of the target.

00:05:32,000 --> 00:05:34,000
Next we'll do the trail wrist.

00:05:34,000 --> 00:05:40,000
So both hands are on the ping pong paddle. I'm going to extend. Yep that works.

00:05:40,000 --> 00:05:50,000
Now I'm going to lead with that elbow. I'll feel that that works with the body rotation and then I'm going to extend that right wrist and that's what helps this left wrist.

00:05:50,000 --> 00:05:52,000

00:05:52,000 --> 00:05:53,000
Just like so.

00:05:53,000 --> 00:06:01,000
So there's a great way for you to practice the isolated movements of the arms without the worry of making solid contact.

00:06:01,000 --> 00:06:03,000
Now I do want to bring up one quick point.

00:06:03,000 --> 00:06:09,000
Even though in these single arm release rules I'm trying to kind of smash this hand like so.

00:06:10,000 --> 00:06:17,000
In the full swing because of the speed of the club when I go to push away from it the club is going to move away from my hand.

00:06:17,000 --> 00:06:28,000
This is part of the reason why you'll see a number of golfers who will have this look of this right hand kind of off the club at the end of the release.

00:06:28,000 --> 00:06:33,000
Phil Michael Sim will use the opposite but VJ sing Fred couples.

00:06:33,000 --> 00:06:42,000
There's a number of famous golfers who kind of have this look of the right hand off of it and that's because what I'm pushing is now changed angle and so I can't push on it anymore.

00:06:42,000 --> 00:06:49,000
And so as we get closer and closer to impact even though I'm still trying to push I'm not actually pushing on it nearly as much.

00:06:49,000 --> 00:06:56,000
But this is a great way to practice these wrist movements at home and that'll make it that much easier when you're practicing on the range.

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