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Rhythm Feels Better Than Positions

I received a question regarding a section in my book that states something along the lines of - "Forcing the club into specific positions will typically not be as effective as swinging a club through those same positions". Or in other words, focusing on sequencing and rhythm will often allow the body to subconsciously coordinate these positions and their timing. Now, if we apply this concept to our practice, we can use the following rules:

  1. A focus on rhythm/sequencing will often create better contact, improve low point-control, and benefit longer clubs such as the driver
  2. A focus on positions/mechanics will help with face-control (i.e. start line) and be more effective with shorter clubs such as wedges. 

Ultimately, using the pros/cons of each approach and understanding your game's weaknesses/strengths should help you decide which strategy to choose and hopefully, speed up your progress. 

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Tags: Practice Strategies, Concept, Intermediate

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