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Reverse Gate - Impact Zone Anti Hook Path Training

The gate drill is a classic drill for working on the club path by putting objects on the ground to prevent an outside to in path. The reverse gate is to help those who get the club swinging too much from the inside. These golfers are usually prone to blocks and hooks, and fat and thin shots. The biggest culprit for an overly inside path is early extension, or overuse of the lower body as a power source.

Tags: Not Straight Enough, Early Extension, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is the reverse gate. So the gate is just a simple drill where you put objects

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in the way of your swing path. So the typical gate is to help with an over the top swing.

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And basically what you do is you're going to put one head cover about six inches, eight inches

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back, and then one cover and three inches away from you on the target line. And then the other

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head cover six, eight inches out in front and three inches on the inside.

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This is the reverse gate. So this is for golfers who tend to get the club

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coming too much from the inside as opposed to coming outside in. So what we're going to do is we're

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going to be opposite. You're going to put one on the inside of the target line and then one

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on the outside just past the golf ball. So it'll look something like that. So typically this will be

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for early centers and big side bend. So when I get kind of an outward swing path kind of like

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so this one will force the early extender to stay more down and get the path swinging a little

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bit more left. So a good swing should be able to work with either of gates. You can play around

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with the tolerance or how close you have them. But this gives you a simple way to work on swing

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path. So if I get too much inside, I'll hit that swing or that head cover.

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But if I was to make a swing where I don't early extend and come too much from the inside,

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so we'll just put them kind of like so and I'll set it up. Just like that that's how quickly it

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can be set up and then from here I'm just going to make sure that I don't early extend so that I

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get my good swing path. Hopefully hit the ball pretty solid. So this is typically for the

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minute minority golfer since most golfers circle with a leftward path but it's showing you that

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you can use these head covers or any objects to play around with giving yourself feedback for path

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and then all you have to worry about is controlling the face and creating speed.

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