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Point Trail Elbow at Trail Hip

A great way to learn the movements of the trail arm and shoulder is to make sure that the trail elbow points at the trail hip throughout the swing. Players who tend to drag the club inside at the start of the takeaway, get disconnected at the top, or allow for the arms to dominate transition will benefit the most from this drill. With these faults and others, it is easy to notice if the trail elbow starts to get off track; monitoring this will not only develop a great trail arm pattern, but help keep the body and arms in sync as well. If you tend to exhibit the aforementioned swing faults, do not be afraid to start slowly and "chunk" the swing into several checkpoints. You may notice that some positions are easier or harder at first, but this is normal. As you get more comfortable, make sure to add speed and power while continuing to maintain awareness for this relationship. Ultimately, this should help clean up any issues with low point, improve face control, and allow for a more body-driven and passive release of the club.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Drill, Intermediate

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