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Myview Single Arm Releases

Playlists: Train Your Release

Tags: Release, Drill, Advanced, Intermediate

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This video is my view of the release.

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So we're going to go through a number of my favorite release drills so that you can see the perspective that I'm talking about.

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So the first one we're going to talk about is going to be just the single arm releases.

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So first one I'm going to do is it's kind of an extension of that wipe from transition.

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So I'm going to extend my right wrist and get into delivery position.

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And then from here I'm going to extend my arm out and across.

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Now at the very end I will let my wrist point all the way out just like so.

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Now you can see that compared to my body, my arm is working across my body.

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It's not just working out towards the golf ball like so.

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So now my left wrist, I'm going to start again in that delivery position and then from here

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I'm going to go to where follow through would be.

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And it's got a very small movement across my body, but it's basically just rotating and pointing

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that thumb out so you can see where the fingers are pointed kind of like so.

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So now if I put those two together, down in my golf posture it goes across kind of like so.

00:01:06,000 --> 00:01:12,000
And then when that trail wrist releases that's what we cause the loss of this lead wrist.

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Because you'll see when I do the single arm releases with the golf club, I'm actually going to maintain that.

00:01:17,000 --> 00:01:22,000
So now I'm going to walk through with a golf club.

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So above the golf ball first, so I'm in that delivery position and then from here it's going to work down and across just like so.

00:01:31,000 --> 00:01:38,000
Now you'll see even though my arms are working out away from me because my body is continued rotating.

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Compared to my visual alignment that I have down on the ground, I'm going to have my hands working slightly in just like so.

00:01:49,000 --> 00:01:51,000
So that's where they're about to further start out.

00:01:51,000 --> 00:01:57,000
Now as my arms continue extending, you can see that the distance away from that orange line increases.

00:01:57,000 --> 00:02:01,000
So now I'll do one with a ball.

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Kind of like so.

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We'll do that again.

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So again in my normal seven iron setup position and then I'm going to go basically in that delivery position.

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And then release.

00:02:16,000 --> 00:02:20,000
So we'll do it in one movement again.

00:02:20,000 --> 00:02:28,000
So basically like a nine to three types wing just like so letting that arm extend without releasing the wrist.

00:02:28,000 --> 00:02:39,000
So what most of you are going to do, if you're struggling with this drill or if you're struggling with having a little bit more of a kind of scoop release is you are going to release more from the hand and arm.

00:02:39,000 --> 00:02:45,000
So impact everything is going to be in front of my right shoulder in front instead of out in front of my chest.

00:02:45,000 --> 00:02:52,000
And then when I get to the follow through my palm is going to be facing the sky and kind of looking like this.

00:02:52,000 --> 00:02:56,000
Right there as opposed to.

00:02:56,000 --> 00:03:02,000
Notice how I've let that rotate by staying on top of it and just kind of extending that arm.

00:03:02,000 --> 00:03:05,000
So now let's go through the lead wrist.

00:03:06,000 --> 00:03:09,000
Or in my case the left wrist.

00:03:09,000 --> 00:03:13,000
So as a right hand and golfer.

00:03:13,000 --> 00:03:17,000
I'm going to grip the left wrist. Now if you remember the left wrist is just going to do this.

00:03:17,000 --> 00:03:23,000
So it's basically going to look like that. If I didn't rotate it would basically look like this.

00:03:23,000 --> 00:03:32,000
But because I'm rotating you can see that that allows the club to kind of work down the target line kind of like so.

00:03:32,000 --> 00:03:42,000
So it stays in that flex position you can see right there all the way through to the end of my follow through right here.

00:03:42,000 --> 00:03:45,000
Just like that.

00:03:45,000 --> 00:03:58,000
What most of you are going to do with this lead arm is you are going to take want to take it back almost closed and then just keep that face pointed at the target almost like I was doing a square square method of putting.

00:03:58,000 --> 00:04:04,000
So it's going to end up looking a lot like this. So what you have to get used to or what I have a lot of my players do.

00:04:04,000 --> 00:04:15,000
So you can take your lead or your trail arm and put it in your armpit so that that forces you to let that kind of release more out.

00:04:15,000 --> 00:04:17,000
Kind of like so.

00:04:17,000 --> 00:04:24,000
Then you can practice switching hands. You can see how both of those hands would fit together.

00:04:25,000 --> 00:04:30,000
The next stage of that release training is going to be both hands on the club right hand open.

00:04:30,000 --> 00:04:37,000
So because the right hand is kind of pushing with more or less this part of the hand kind of these two right here.

00:04:37,000 --> 00:04:43,000
So just the base of the thumb and kind of this middle joint of the index finger they're kind of pushing again.

00:04:43,000 --> 00:04:47,000
So if I have my right hand open that's going to allow me to continue pushing.

00:04:47,000 --> 00:04:55,000
Now how much of that is actually going into the club is highly debatable right now, but the arm is going to be extending.

00:04:55,000 --> 00:05:00,000
Pretty much as if it were pushing on the club just like so.

00:05:00,000 --> 00:05:05,000
So I'm going to take my normal grip then open my right hand.

00:05:05,000 --> 00:05:14,000
And then I'm going to go through the release drills focusing on each arm as best I can.

00:05:14,000 --> 00:05:23,000
You may feel that you got to jump and do one where you focus left, one where you focus right, but those will allow you to kind of build that feeling.

00:05:23,000 --> 00:05:34,000
What most of you will do with this is if that lead arm is kind of separating and I'm kind of holding off like so the weight of the club when it passes my hands will cause my hands to separate.

00:05:34,000 --> 00:05:38,000
So good one looks kind of like that.

00:05:38,000 --> 00:05:42,000
They're stating contact.

00:05:42,000 --> 00:05:51,000
That one I'm going to try to stay in contact, but even if I flip you'll see that they finish a little bit more separated just like so.

00:05:51,000 --> 00:06:01,000
So hopefully that gives you a good perspective of my view of the release and then I can help you overcome some of the visual barriers you may be having and trying to train these movements.

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