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Myview - Impact

MyView of Visual Impact Training, Deconstructing the Arms, Impact Fix, 9-3, and Four Square

Tags: Impact, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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This video is my view of impact.

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So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through a handful of these impact drills, but

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with the GoPro on my head so you can see what's going on.

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So first one we're going to do is visual impact training.

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So I'm going to go ahead and get in my setup position and then I'm going to put the club

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face and my wrists in what position they'll be like an impact, which would basically look

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like this.

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I see that's going to look extremely close, but what's going to happen is when I add

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the merry-go-round and keep my hands in front of my body, now you're going to see that

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that club pretty much lines up with the golf ball just like so.

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So we'll do that again.

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So setup position, got my good neutral grip.

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Now I'm going to go impact position, impact position with the body.

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And what I can do is I can practice kind of getting that feeling all in one movement and

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then it becomes the impact fix.

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So then I can go from here and I can do a few nine to three just trying to get back into

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that position.

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So go through that one more time.

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So we're going to do visual impact.

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There's that feeling of impact.

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Now impact fix.

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Kind of got those moves tied together.

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So now we're going to go nine and try right back to there.

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We'll do it kind of in slow motion.

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Nine just like so.

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And then nine to three.

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Next one we're going to do is deconstructing the arms.

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So similar, but basically what I'm going to do is I'm going to get my setup position and

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then I'm going to flex my left wrist, extend my right wrist, and then I'm going to rotate

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or pronate my lean arm.

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So basically I'm doing this and then I'm doing that.

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I'm going to do the wrist and then the arm.

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And now I'm going to use the merry go round to bring my body back to impact.

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So turn and then marry around to bring my body back to impact.

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Now I can do a little nine to three.

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Just focusing on getting back into that position.

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So now let's take a look at one of my favorite drills, which is the force square.

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So I'm going to I got four T's on the ground and I'm just going to take another T to draw

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the lines.

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So you can clearly see the four different squares.

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So if we start with the square closest to my right foot, we would have square one, two,

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three and four.

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A club that is going to swing for a slight draw bias is going to go from this square

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right here, square one and exit just out, square three.

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So demonstrate a couple.

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This is what typical amateurs are going to do, which is they're going to swing more from

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square two to square four or slightly outside to in with a club face that's slightly

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So now once I get this ball balanced in position, I'm going to demonstrate a little pump

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where I come through and I'm going to come through from square two and you can see how

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the club face because of the motorcycle movement is going to be roughly pointed in the general

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direction of the golf ball.

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So we'll demonstrate a couple more.

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So that's coming through with that lead wrist relatively flat and even though those hands

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are working in, the club continues to work out.

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So this is another example of that outside to in that most amateurs will struggle with

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because of either early releasing the arms or because of not using the body.

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If you lead with the body and just use the hands to help square the face, you're going

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to tend to have the club come more from the inside just like so.

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So these are a couple ways that I like to practice impact.

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Hopefully seeing my perspective on it will help you see exactly what I'm talking about when

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I'm describing how the face is pointed or how the body is moving.

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