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Keep Focus Through The Shot

In order to keep focus throughout the shot, many players need a sensation for takeaway, top of the swing, and finish. If you find that you are struggling with making a move on one side of the ball, working on a complimentary piece on the other side is often helpful. It's hard to be too detailed on both sides, at least at first, so make one side of the ball more general and the other side more specific.

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This concept video is keeping focus all the way through the shot.

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So many golfers struggle with inconsistency and we just had Debbie Cruz out here who did

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a great one day for us and we used their device to work on focus.

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But there was one concept that came up that I thought would be really easy for you to apply.

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And that's the challenge of trying to keep a simple focus throughout the entire swing.

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So basically having a focus and an intention all the way until you stop moving.

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Not necessarily all the way till ball lands but at least until you stop moving.

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And what we tend to see is that golfers will lose their focus at one of a couple different positions.

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Either they'll have no clear intention to start so they'll have no plan of where they're going to go

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or where the target is or shot shape.

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They'll have no real clear focus.

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She would be in and after transitions.

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So they might have focused in the takeaway and get to the top of the swing that they want.

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But then as they start down they kind of blackout and that can cause some body-solving or some inconsistent loading patterns.

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That can cause low point control.

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Some of your common misses.

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So one of the little takeaways was making sure that you had some type of thought on this side of the ball.

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And then some type of thought on this side of the ball.

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She was a big fan of the follow-through position and trying to train kind of where you want to be after impact.

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But she always liked or also liked just training a good balanced finish position.

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So what I recommend is if you're going to be detailed and worry about that follow-through position,

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then have something maybe a little bit more general at top of the swing transition or release

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so that you can have a general soft focus and then a little bit more intent there.

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And if you're really working on transition or top of the swing,

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then just have a more general thought of getting to a nice full finish.

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But that will allow you to maintain a certain level of brain activity or focus during the entire swing.

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And that will lead you to more consistent results.

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It would be really hard for me to demonstrate losing focus because it happened somewhat reflexively and not,

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you know, it's hard to control when I'm going to shift focus.

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But I will show what can happen if you take some swings and focus on a good solid rhythm and solid.

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Follow-through position.

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And you'll tend to see more stability and kind of clarity down through there.

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And you'll tend to feel more calmness between impact and follow-through position.

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Where if I was to, I'm going to put all of my attention back here and try to not worry about where the club is going to go.

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I'm going to almost overtrain this position.

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And you may see, I did my best on that to really train this position.

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And I almost felt a little bit uncomfortable because I didn't have the other side of the ball taken care of.

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So if you find that down around impact, you tend to have a little bit of a stall,

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a little bit of apprehension, putting focus on both sides of the ball will help you maintain a consistent focus through the entire shot.

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