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Insight - Does Straightening The Trail Leg Increase Hip Rotation

At Golf Smart Academy, we try to accurately describe sub-movements of the golf swing. One area that seems to have a lot of confusion wrapped around it is whether or not to try and keep the trail knee flexed. The tour average is only a slight straightening of the leg, and trying to keep it flexed while letting it straighten slightly could add more power to your transition than actively straightening it. I think it is important that we differentiate feels and reals of the movement. For many, it may feel like trying to keep it bent, for others (especially if they have actually succeeded in keeping it bent) they may feel it actively straighten.

Either way, a common description of WHY a golfer should straighten the leg is that it increases hip turn. There are a number of things that will change when you straighten the trail leg, but increasing the amount of internal hip rotation in the trail leg is unlikely to be one of them. What is more likely is that the lead knee flexes more, the lead hip EXTERNALLY rotates more, and the trail ankle supinates more. One reason why straightening the trail knee is unlikely to add hip rotation is that as the hip tilt is increased the amount of trail hip flexion increases. As the hip flexion is increased, there is a greater chance of putting the gemelles on stretch.

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