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Hovering the Club Discussion

Hovering the club is useful for a couple of situations. First, it can be helpful for golfers who tend to snatch the club away in the takeaway. This is usually caused by using the arms too much and the body too little. With a one-piece takeaway, the lower body and core should be involved in the takeaway more than the arms. Hovering the club can help make it easier to use the core by preactivating some of the core muscles.

Hovering the club can also help golfers who do last-second grip changes. If you struggle with changing your grip, then hovering the club will make you more aware of the movements of the club in your hands.

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This concept video, we're going to discuss hovering the club.

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There are a couple different scenarios where I'll advocate my students do more of a hover

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instead of grounding the club.

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If I hover the club, then I don't have to overcome a resting inertia or the club sitting

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on the ground.

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For some golfers, you tend to really kind of snatch the club away.

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This can help smooth out the takeaway.

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So this can be a really good tempo pattern for golfers to tend to get a little snatchier

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a little quick.

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The other common time that I use it is some golfers have either a really weak grip or

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a really strong grip.

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And when we get them in a more neutral grip, as right before they go to swing, they'll turn

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it one way or the other.

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And they're often not aware of it and then I'll show them on medium.

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Like, I don't even feel like I'm doing that.

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So a common time for if you're working on getting a grip position to feel a little bit more

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comfortable, I'll recommend hovering the club.

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With the irons and wedges and things, you're going to hover it just barely off the grass,

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with the driver you can hover it pretty close to the height of the golf ball.

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In fact, I think that hovering it with the driver can help with angle the tack and flats

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but partly from smoothing out and getting more of the body working.

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So if you struggle with either a really poor tempo and trigger with your takeaway, then

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I'd recommend hovering the club on most shots.

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And if you're working through a grip change and you see on video that it just keeps

00:01:43,000 --> 00:01:48,000
you reverting back to your more comfortable grip, then I'd also advocate hovering the club.

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It'll make you a little bit more aware of what your hands are doing as you start your

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We'll hover it and just above the grass.

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Right there.

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