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Horizontal Swings Are Shallow

In the past, golf instructors gravitated toward baseball swings or hitting shots of severe ball-above-your-feet style lies. Not every golfer feels the arms "drop or fall" but if you want effortless power, then you need to find a way to make shallow arms work for you.

Tags: Not Enough Distance, Transition, Concept, Intermediate

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This drill is horizontal swings our shallow.

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So when you're working on steepening and shallowing your arms, sometimes it's good to take

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global perspective.

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So I have a good video on visualizing shallow arms.

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So basically working a little bit more around your body as opposed to vertically.

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So some golfers get a really good feel of the shallowness of the arms and how the arm

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should work in transition when they start trying to work around their body.

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I think that's part of the reason why things like baseball swings or hitting with the ball

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above your feet were commonly used for golfers who got steep.

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So just feeling like my arms are swinging kind of more around my body kind of like so.

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And I can do this trying to create some speed.

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So trying to actually get the club to wish through from more of this horizontal movement.

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And what I can do is I can gradually work more or still around my body but then angle

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my body down so that that movement around my body will brush the ground.

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This gives me a feeling of my arms working more kind of around this way as opposed to

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straight up and down.

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Compare that to if I stayed perfectly vertical the only way that I would get the club

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or as vertical as I can and still hit a golf ball.

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The only way I could get the club down to the ground would be if my arms worked up even

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if they worked kind of around.

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They'll still have to work up and then down.

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If I had them work around my body down here I would have a real challenge creating any

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amount of speed.

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So if I were to stand vertical my arms would work much more up and down.

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That's not so good for golf especially for the longer clubs like the driver and the long

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So getting this feel of the arms working more around my body and then angleing more

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down at the golf ball sometimes that feeling of just having the arms work more around

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my body is enough to shallow out the club.

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So it's kind of falls in line with the concept of you don't necessarily have to feel

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a big drop in shallow.

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You just have to use the reference frames to make sure that you're shallowing with your

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arms in some way.

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For a lot of golfers swinging the club more on a horizontal plane and then using bending

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at the hips in order to get that shallow movement to brush the ground really helps unlock

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and kind of unify a lot of the details of how you can actually shallow with the arms during

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One quick word of caution when you're doing these horizontal swings it is natural for

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you to move the bottom of the swing more behind the golf ball.

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So if you tend to hit kind of fat or thin shots when you're working on the club swinging

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more around you then know that it's the shallow arms or your arms normally working

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steep that help you move the bottom of the swing forward.

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Better ways to move the bottom of the swing forward would be making sure that you have

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a full shift into that front foot or continuing your body rotating on the way through or continuing

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that feeling of the shallowness and not letting the wrists release so working on more

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that arm timing.

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