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Horizontal Release Swings

If you struggle with a flip-style release and are having a hard time controlling "low point", you will most likely need to work on your body and arm connection. A quick and easy drill for engraining this is to simply make some swings around waist or "baseball" level. At this level, you will have a much harder time manipulating the face with only your hands due to the change in relationship between your "center of mass" and the club. More importantly, by making these horizontal swings, you should feel how to properly connect your pivot to the release. Golfers who have a hard time breaking their flip pattern are typically used to stalling the body through impact, which is a pattern that feels very unnatural in this straight, up and down posture. Ultimately, if you can transition the feel of these swings to your normal address position, you should be able to cleanup your release pattern and start making consistent, solid contact. 

Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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The drill is horizontal release wings.

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So horizontal release wings is designed to help you with your flip down at the bottom of

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the swing.

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Many golfers who struggle with low point and solid contact, possibly because of face rotation,

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do so because down at the bottom instead of having the body and the arms extend through

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or rotate and work through together, they tend to have a little bit more of a body stall

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and an arm flip and that combination puts the bottom the swing further behind the golf

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So horizontal release wings is basically taking some practice wings up at more almost like

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baseball level or belt level who are asontally like this in order to feel the body

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continue rotating as those arms extend.

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So when the weight of the club is directly underneath my center gravity and when the weight

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is very vertical like this, it doesn't take a whole lot of effort to swing it.

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So it's much easier to swing the club down here with just my hands and wrists.

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But when the club is very far away from my spine like this, where when I'm swinging more

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horizontally, it's harder to swing it just with my wrist.

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It doesn't feel very athletic.

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So what I'll do is I'll have golfers get up here and I usually stand in front and I'll

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have that moment when I'm sitting in an impact bag just trying to feel what it would

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be like to swing more horizontally and hit them with the whole shaft.

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So making contact with something just like that.

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And then we'll gradually work down towards the golf ball, trying to then brush the

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ground feeling like the body and the arms extend through together just like when I was

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doing here.

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This should give you a little bit better feeling of the arms and the body connected

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together instead of more of a stall pattern.

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So get that feeling up here where everything's kind of going through together and then

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duplicate that feeling down there.

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And it should get you into about the same finish position as far as the arms compared

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to the body.

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Only difference would be with the golf swing, you're going to have a little bit of side

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bend from the golf posture that we get set up in.

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So once we've got that nine to three feeling, we'll do it up here and we'll do it halfway

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in between and then we'll do it down at the bottom, getting that feeling of the body and

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the arms rotating together.

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So if you struggle more with kind of a body stall where it looks like your body just stops

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down at the bottom, kind of like that, then you can do horizontal swings, horizontal

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release swings in order to feel what it would be like to connect the arms or to continue

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the body rotating through impact.

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Once you've done this in the nine to three, you can work up to three quarter or ten to

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two style shots and ultimately up to the full swing, trying to duplicate the same feel

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during the release.

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So ten to two, still having that feel of more the body rotation on the way through, bringing

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the hands around instead of them disconnecting from the body and then ultimately you can

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take this up to a full swing.

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Feeling that same body rotation together on the way through.

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