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Squaring The Club Face Explained

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Face Control With The Wedges

The face rotation on wedges is later in the swing than with the longer clubs. The arm extension helps close the club face while moving the bottom of the swing near the ball. Compare that to the way twist is used square the face in the full swing.

Playlists: Finesse Wedge - Chipping and Pitching , Squaring The Club Face Explained

Tags: Not Straight Enough, Pitch, Drill, Intermediate

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This video is face control with the wedges.

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So when we're looking in the nest wedges or we're looking in more of the distance wedges,

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you'll tend to see a slightly different pattern for face control than we'll see with the

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stock full swing.

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With the stock full swing, we want to have that early club face rotation so that I can have

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that down swing loading and really getting that body behind the golf ball with a whole

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lot of side bend with the finesse wedges and the distance wedges, my upper body is going

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to be a lot more level or stacked on top of my lower body.

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And so in order to get the height, I'm not going to have a lot of that side bend.

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I'm going to have to straighten my arms more to get that down towards the golf ball.

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Because I'm straightening my arms, I'm going to have a little different timing and method of

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squaring the face.

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If the wedges to square the face, instead of having it rotate right from the top of

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this swing, unless I wanted to hit kind of a low running punch wedge shot.

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If I wanted to hit more of a stock swing or a stock wedge swing, I should say, it's going

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to the faces going to resist rotation.

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So it's pretty much going to stay at about the same alignment and then it's going to

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rotate as the club passes me as opposed to twisting the face to the path.

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So one way that you can work on that is feeling a little bit more of that unhing and then

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keeping this shoulder long, you'll see that as I straighten my arms, now the back of my

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hand is facing the target, right?

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So you can use the back of the hand or the palm of the right hand as a little bit of a reference

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for where the club face would be.

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The full swing we would have it twisting kind of point like this and so my body would

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have to rotate to get out of the way so that the back of my left hand and the palm

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of my hand are pointing more at the target.

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So it's a little awkward timing for golfers who were really used to the full swing kind

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of motion and it can be awkward going the other way if you're better at more of this

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arm straightening club face closing method.

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But one way that you can work on that is kind of feeling a little bit of a pump where

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you keep the extension and the leaderist and flexion in the trail race and you just kind

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of work down more like so.

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As opposed to getting a ton of that shaft lean like that.

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So to compliment the pivot I can work on having that face feel a little bit more like

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there's no rotation there during transition and then it rotates more because the club

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is passing my hands as opposed to twisting the shaft.

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It will tend to have a tempo feeling a little bit more early energy into the club and then

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just kind of coasting with the body pivot on the way through.

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As opposed to with the full swing where I would have more of this twist and I'd be open

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and then I have a lot more of the arm extension from that leg and you could hear that

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I hit that a lot higher up on the face from having all that leg which tends to produce

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more of a higher and flatter swing where when I have this wedge face rotation of letting

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it stay a little bit more neutral getting a little bit more on top and having it's

00:03:33,000 --> 00:03:40,000
a straighten because my arm is getting straight that tends to hit lower on the face and

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tends to produce a little bit more spin.

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If you're struggling with getting with feeling the arm rotation sometimes it can help

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if you focus more on the location of the upper body.

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So feeling a number of very good wedge players have described the feeling of that right

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shoulder staying high and basically if that right shoulder stays high then the arm

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only way I can get the club all the way down the golf ball has a little bit earlier

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and more full arm movement.

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So if you're struggling with the club face orientation during this ball or during the

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wedge shots pay attention to the first movements and make sure that it's not rotating

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that it's working a little bit more kind of vertically or lacking that rotation and then

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it'll rotate late but mostly from the straightening of the arm not so much the twisting

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of the shot and the supplies to the distance wedge is probably up until you get to your

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hundred yard, hundred twenty yard shots of then from down the line you'll see a little

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bit more of that early club face staying pretty square kind of like this I don't want

00:04:55,000 --> 00:04:59,000
to hit it too far just because that's home number one with the distance wedge you'll

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tend to see a little bit earlier of that right shoulder as the upper body gets a little

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bit more on top.

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