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Face Awareness With Foot Spray

A can of Dr. Scholl's foot spray is a great tool for identifying impact location. As many golfers are unaware of how they are making contact on the face, this is a quick and inexpensive diagnostic. Overall, making centered contact is important as it is an indicator that you are properly controlling low point and the face-to-path relationship. If you start to notice that your impacts are more heel or toe biased, you may need to make some setup changes or take a long-term look at possible swing fixes. However, once you can consistently make centered contact, you should progress to a few "skill games" and see how difficult or easy it is to the shift impact location on command. 

Playlists: Practice Strategies, Find Your Best Swing Quickly, Understand Your Swing Plane/Path

Tags: Fundamentals, Poor Contact, Drill, Intermediate

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