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Distance Wedge Release

The distance wedge release is almost the same as that in the full swing, but because the transition is different, it ends up looking and feeling different. Since the transition is going to include more of an arm extension and casting movement, there won't be as much "prep" for firing the release. As a result, the fire of the release is much more gradual than that of the stock full swing, which also aids in the desired goal of more control and less power.

Playlists: Train Your Release, Master Your Distance Wedge

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In this drill video, we're going to look at the release of the distance wedge swing.

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Now the release of the distance wedge swing in concept is going to be exactly the same as

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your stock full swing.

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But I'm going to show you how it's going to be slightly different because of what you

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do in transition.

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So, you know in the stock full swing, I talk a lot about how your arms are going to

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kind of rotate through impact.

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But if you remember from Zoro swings, the reason that they are going to rotate through

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impact is because there has been this pronounced flattening move during transition.

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Because my arms have been rotated when they go to extend, they're going to rotate pretty

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Like so.

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Well, in the distance wedge, when you get to the top of the swing, there's not going to

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be this drastic flattening move.

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In fact, from here it's basically going to go straight towards the golf ball.

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So how that ends up looking is it's going to look like my hands had nowhere near as much

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rotation because it's going to be a much more gradual occurrence and it's going to go over

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a shorter range of motion.

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Like I'm not going to come from way here to way there, I'm going to come from maybe vertical

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to just past vertical.

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So it's a smaller range of motion and it's a more gradual occurrence.

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And the other thing is it's not going to be as driven by the lower body, the way it

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is in the full swing.

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So in the transition section or in the release section of the full swing, I talk about how

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that left leg pressing, that right leg pressing, that belt rising helps to propel the

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club down and initiate that transition.

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You're not going to have nearly as much dynamic movement of the lower body in your distance

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And so what propels those arms extending is more falling with gravity than it is pressing

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with your legs.

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So just to demonstrate, you'll see for my chest height, just like so, finishes left, finishes

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up in front.

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There was rotation if you looked at it, the left hand got under the right, but it was

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much more gradual because from this point of view, it's working a little bit more left

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as opposed to working more into out or up.

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In the finesse wedge, I talk about the chop versus lift.

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This is also a chop type movement where my hands are working more down and left as opposed

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to the full swing where it's a little bit more of a lift type movement.

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So those are fair amount of details, just kind of what I want you to focus on is gradual

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tumble or gradual closing of the club face as your arms are extending and your body

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keeps turning and you'll get really good at controlling the distance with your distance

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