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Distance Wedge - Pump Drill

The delivery pump is a useful drill for changing your transition sequence. By pumping, you can create a rhythm that helps you commit to new mechanics - instead of defaulting to your natural pattern. This gives your brain a chance to experience an alternative solution and build a reference for an improved swing.

Tags: Poor Contact, Pitch, Transition, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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Astral is the distance wedge pump. So you know that I'm a big fan of the pump drills

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for kind of tricking the brain into doing what you wanted to do. It kind of overrides

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your natural hit instincts, it overrides, your automatic pattern and it allows you to focus a little bit more on new mechanics.

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Well, there are some differences in the distance wedge compared to the full swing. So working on

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let's say the delivery pump, we've got to make some adaptations. So in this video, I'm going to walk you through the

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few changes that are going to happen when we start moving into the shorter irons where we want more of the

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cast pattern unless of the powerful tour pattern. So when I'm doing the distance wedge,

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or let's revisit the full swing or the tour pump, when I go up to the delivery pump,

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I'm basically trying to kind of get my arms in delivery position where they're nice and

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loaded. I've got lots of rotational lag in the motorcycle state in place. Well, I'm still going to have a

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little bit of the motorcycle or club face closing, but instead of being in this position,

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that right arm is going to be close to straight and the club is going to be out in front of you.

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This is what many golfers feel in their transition with the full swing, but this is closer to what we

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want to feel with the distance wedge. So I'm kind of getting into that movement there. Now,

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if I was to make my same Jackson 5 merry-go-round and do that movement,

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I would bottom out a good 8 inches behind the golf ball. So what I have to do differently is I have

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to support it with more of a cast pivot, which is going to be a little bit more up, back, and forward

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with the upper body, not so much of a drive from the lower body. So it'll look,

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here's kind of that pump movement with the arms, and then I'm going to balance it by a little

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bit more of an up and forward movement. That one was pretty good. The one before it, you could tell

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I had a little bit more of that Jackson 5 just because I had been rehearsing it and talking about it.

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And that's one of my natural strengths, so I have to focus on it a bit more in order to do

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the distance wedge version. So if we're doing that distance wedge pump,

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we're going to pump this a few times, this a few times. I was a little bit more leading edge than I

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would like. It wasn't too bad of a shot except I hit it a little high on the face so it kind of

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ran when it landed and I took a little more divot than I would like. So we'll see if we can do it a bit

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better. So I'm going to create more of that pump with my vertical and with my body feeling like

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it goes like the right shoulder kind of stays high and gets a little bit more forward.

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So pump pump. That was a little bit better there. That ball is going to sit a bit more.

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Still took a little divot which isn't bad for these shots. We'll do one more.

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See if we can put it all together. So there's kind of my pump movement, pump movement, and then on

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that last one I'm just going to stay forward as my body rotates while letting my cast finish,

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but not letting the club really pass my body. So not really a flip just more of a cast.

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Good. That one was pretty good right there. So if you're working on your distance wedge,

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you have to adapt the pump. If you're trying to make some of these changes feel comfortable

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when you're doing pump drills to work on either transition or low point control when you're

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training your distance wedge. So the distance wedge pump, you won't see nearly as much body

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rotation from the down the line. My body's going to work on going a little bit more taller

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and forward and a little bit up. It's not going to have a whole lot of lag and lean.

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Kind of like that.

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