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Discussing David Duvall Flexion Release

This video is discussing the youtube video here ""


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This video is discussing the David Duval Flection Relief.

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So, I had a question from one of the students about, you know, should we try this because

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obviously different than what I teach. And in the clip he talks about how this is a feeling,

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it's not something that you will see on video and if you do it, it won't show up that way.

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It's just a feeling, but basically flexing the wrist like so, as fast as he can as soon as he starts

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his downswing. Now, what you'll see is, we'll break down, you know, I can never argue the argument

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that you should feel this, but it won't look that way. I think my job is to tell you what actually

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happens and to give you ways to experience it and then you can tell me what it feels like.

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Well, if I have my arms bent 90 degrees and I flex my wrist like this, that doesn't move the path

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at all, all that does is open the face. So, if I got up to the top of the swing and I did that movement,

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this is pretty much what it would look like, or when they talk about doing it more down near the

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release to square the club face. What you'll see is you cannot have shaft lean and release the club

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purely by changing the path. You have to have a bit of shaft rotation in order to have a square club

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face and get the low point out in front of the golf ball, especially with the trail wrist being

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the furthest point away. When it passes neutral, when it passes zero, that's the furthest the club

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can be away from you. Unless you did something crazy goofy like straightening those arms

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while keeping the wrist in a position, which would be almost impossible to do with any amount of speed.

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So, if I flex like this, it would be more releasing around the right shoulder, which would be behind

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the golf ball. And if I turned enough so that that right shoulder was in front of the golf ball,

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and I truly did it in a kind of release style like this, the club face would be wide open and

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I would hit lots of foreshots. So, why would a golfer say that this is a good feeling to have?

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Now, what I think happens is that's their way of feeling more of the wipe and more of

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covering the ball with this right hand. It's actually in order to really feel like you flex that wrist,

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you wouldn't actually do it like this, right? You wouldn't actually go into internal rotation

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if you were going to try to flex it. If you were going to try to flex that wrist, you would

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fort you would keep this arm in a little bit of internal rotation longer in order to have a

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stronger connection through the shoulder for you to push on. So, I think what ends up happening is when

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he tries to do this, he gets better arm connection and when they describe not having any roll

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or not having any wrist roll like this, they're actually talking about not having any shoulder roll.

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So, what I see is the golfer is when they start trying to do this movement, do a better job

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of controlling that shoulder and keeping the arm in external rotation. So, if you find that feeling like

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flexing the wrist gets you in a better shoulder alignment, you make more solid contact, that's great.

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You can confirm if you are actually flexing the wrist, you would hit more fat and thin shots and

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you would hit more shots off to the right and you would hit more poles. If you're not doing that,

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then it's probably you're not actually flexing the wrist prior to impact and there's some

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other benefit that is happening from trying this movement. So, what I would recommend is I go more

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direct on what would actually produce that better more stable release pattern, which is having

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the arm more or the hands more in front of your body, which will come more from that shoulder

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alignment and less from that wrist movement. But if trying to get the wrist movement gets you in good

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shoulder position, like I think it does for David Duval, then by all means be my guest. So, if you see a

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video and you're not quite sure how it relates to the system, please send it to me, ask a question,

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I'm happy to film these videos to help clarify and get you on the right page, because one of the most

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challenging things with golf is making sure that you're understanding what you're working on

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and that you're constantly moving forward. And sometimes, other instructors are going to give you

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great ideas. My goal is to help you understand why that great idea works so that if it stops working,

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you can try a complimentary movement.

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