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Connecting The Shoulders To The Hands

During transition, the arms and hands will work together to influence the club. In general, wrist extension will accompany external rotation and adduction of the shoulder while wrist flexion will accompany internal rotation and abduction. Understanding this can help with the barriers to transition, especially if you struggle with an open clubface or cast sequence.

Tags: Fundamentals, Transition, Concept, Intermediate

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The drill is connecting the hands to the shoulders for transition and the release.

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So, one of the tricky things with golf is I got these two swing in this club around

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kind of this somewhat stable center.

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But I've got these two or three joints in between me and the clubhead.

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So they can do a lot of weird stuff, but often they're going to work together.

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So I have this little demo that I show people if you're working on transition.

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This will help you feel how the motor cycle, the throwers catch, all these movements work

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together and then how it relates to the release.

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So if you hold your hand out in front of you just like this, and I want you to do your

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best to try to really relax your shoulder, relax your elbow, and I'm not going to show you

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the answer yet, but I want you to try to extend your wrist, which is basically going in

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this motion kind of like so.

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So you're going to do it pretty quickly.

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All right, so if you haven't given it try, stand up, hold it out like so, and then

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give it a try.

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So if I fully relax and I go like this, the question I'll always ask is what is your

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elbow want to do?

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And basically if it was really relaxed, you'll find that that elbow wants to tend to go

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in front of your body kind of like so.

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Now I'll do the opposite, and I'll go like this.

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And if my arm was fully relaxed, it'll get easier if I go this way.

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So then I'll have you try to do the opposite, that feels a little weird, or that feels

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So typically when it goes like this, when my wrist goes into extension the elbow will

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work in front, when the wrist goes into flexion, the elbow will go more out like so.

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So now in the transition, we talk about that left wrist flexing in that motorcycle movement,

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so that encourages some of this, and that right wrist doing that throwers catch, encourages

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the elbow working in front of you.

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So combined, it ends up looking something like that.

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Then when we get down during the release, the sooner that I really flexed this wrist

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like so, the more that this elbow is going to tend to drift out this way.

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So what most torporers do is in order to have that impact contact kind of more in front

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of their chest, instead of way back behind them, that elbow will continue leading that wrist,

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because the more that the elbow goes across like this, the more it delays that wrist,

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and they'll ultimately get thrown out by that bracing in that push move of the body.

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So if you're struggling on what your wrist are doing, check the elbows, if you're struggling

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or the shoulders because they're tied to the other, if you're struggling on the look

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of more what the shoulders need to be doing, then perhaps you can check the wrist and

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see if you're not getting some interference from one of those two segments.

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