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Connecting The Bracing To The Release

The release begins at delivery position, and what you do with your body and your arms have to compliment each other in order for your swing to work. Often times, if you are struggling with what the arms do, you can work on the body. If you are struggling with the body, you can work on the arms. By going between these two areas of control, you can understand, and train, the movement even better.

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Tags: Fundamentals, Not Enough Distance, Release, Concept, Intermediate

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This concept video is connecting the bracing to the release.

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So I talk about the delivery position to find that basically I'll all my or the fastest

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point where I get this handle moving in terms of miles per hour.

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It's kind of this delivery position right about here.

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And then from that position I'm going to transfer all that linear speed into rotational speed.

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And ultimately it's that rotational speed that's going to hold me hit the ball really

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Well, often what can happen is there's movements that kind of compliment each other

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and movements that don't compliment each other.

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So I'm going to discuss a couple here that relate to this release for you.

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If you are working on trying to get the arm extension piece, so I'm working on my flat

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spot and I'm trying to get my arms to extend and kind of brush the ground and work through

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impact kind of like so, then what you'll need to see is that you need to make sure that

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the upper body is bracing against the lower body to help trigger that.

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So typically what will happen is once I get to this delivery position, my upper body is going

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to stabilize with an iron or with the driver.

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It's actually going to go even a little bit further backward.

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And in doing so that's going to allow those arms to extend out.

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If my upper body continues to drift through the shot, if I was to extend my arms, you

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could hear how that club is just going to slam into the ground.

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And so what will happen is as I get down around the golf ball, those arms will bend to

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get the club to brush along the ground.

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But it's not in as effective a manner as if I was to have those arms extending.

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So if you're working on these pieces, whether in 9 to 3 or pumps or full swings or whatever,

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I want you to focus on having those upper body stabilize that lower body brace.

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So I get into this good follow-through position and using that to help those arms extend,

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instead of just letting my upper body kind of drift.

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So if you're struggling with either getting your arms to extend or your upper body drift

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thing, you can focus on the other piece.

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You're trying to get your upper body to stay a little bit more behind, focused on those

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arms extending because those work together.

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Or if you're focusing on getting those arms extending, then focus on a little bit more

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of this upper body side than upper body more back because those two also work together.

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So hopefully this helps you understand how these pieces in the release section work together

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so that you can blend all these components into one movement that works for your golf swing.

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