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Squaring The Club Face Explained

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Clinic Motorcycle

There are three major things that we have to do with the club when we make a golf swing.

  1. We have to create speed with the club
  2. We have to control the path of the clubhead
  3. We have to organize the face in relationship to that path

For the most part, amateur golfers have the clubface more open than tour professionals by the time the club gets to shaft parallel in the downswing.  There are only a few ways to change the clubface position by that point in time. You could do the exact same movements but set up with a stronger grip. Or, you could do the motorcycle movement (with either the left or the right wrist).  Most commonly, this movement is done with the lead wrist.  You can either do this movement to end the backswing, or to start the downswing, but if you haven't done it enough by shaft parallel, then you have made it almost impossible to get your body open at impact.

There are a number of videos on this site that relate to the motorcycle movement because it is such a key movement to solid ball striking. If I had to pick one movement to teach a random golfer, this would be the movement that I would teach.  To see how it fits with the body, be sure to check out all the motorcycle videos and the other key drills for transition.

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