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Chop Vs Lift For Wedges

I think simplifying motions into their core components is one of the easiest ways to understand the differences between the swing for the driver and the swing for the iron or wedge. In general, the longer the club, the more the club is going to have a lift component from the shoulder. The shorter the club, the more that it is going to have a chop pattern from the shoulder. If you are a good player and have trouble with touch shots and off tight lies, then you are probably struggling with this concept.

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In this video we're going to talk about the chop verse lift.

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Okay, so this is one of those 30,000 foot views that I'm going to turn into a drill for you.

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But this view is looking at what the arms doing compared to the body with your full swing and with your finesse swing.

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I'm going to turn this way so that you can see what my arms are doing.

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With the full swing, I talk a lot about the arms working away from you.

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Well, if you were to measure this angle of my shoulder, as my arms work away, you can see that this actually tends to work up a little bit.

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On 3D with the full swing, what you'll see is from right about here through, right about there.

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It's a very short little window, but you'll see the club actually work out and up instead of working left.

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With the wedge shot, you're typically going to see it working left the entire time.

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So I think of it more as like a chopping motion of that arm pulling down like so, as opposed to swinging up and away, the way I teach in the Zoro swings.

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So, let me show you how I like to do this drill.

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So, what you're going to do is you're going to get set up to the golf ball, and you're going to look at the space,

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sometimes it helps to put a line on the ground so that you can see the vertical space.

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So, you can see that the grip is roughly above this line on the ground.

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What I'm going to try to do is I'm going to rehearse pulling that grip left.

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I'm going to rehearse that arm working behind me and pulling that grip left, just like so.

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Now, that's going to feel, especially if you're a good driver of the golf ball, like I'm just chopping, which is good for wedge shots.

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It's not very powerful, but it's good for wedge shots.

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So, that also helps to control the amount of shallow, because what happens is, if your arms continue working out away from you like so,

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unless you have a lot of side bend, you're actually going to create more dig and get the leading edge to go into the ground.

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So, it's going to go more like that, as opposed to if I pull away, the distance between the grip and the ball is increasing,

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and so it causes it to get a little bit more shallow.

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So, that was probably about a BB plus, I would have got away with it, but I think I can do a little bit better.

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So, I'm going to rehearse, there was arms going left, there was arms going left, and then do kind of little swings, just trying to get those arms to feel like they chop down and behind me the whole time.

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And it may even encourage me to take it a club a little bit more up out and away.

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So, just as you saw that, we'll do one last time, so the club's going to go up out and away, and then it's going to chop down and go left.

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And you can see that grip working very much left.

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So, it's one of the big differences between the full swing and the finesse wedge, is that it's different of a lift during the release for the full swing versus a chop in all of your wedge shots.

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So, practice that, feel around with that space, and it'll help you with shallowing out your swing, but not doing it from your body.

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