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Fix Your Cast

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Cast Overview

The cast is an upper body dominant move which results in the following characteristics:

  • Spin with upper body and limited use of lower body
  • Apply force with arms and hands only and early in transition
  • Typical for athletes from other sports
  • Outside to inside swing path loses distance (golf digest article - "Add 42 yards now")
  • Force applied early in the downswing with the arms instead of letting it build gradually

The cast or upper body dominant swing pattern is one of the most prevalent among higher handicap golfers. A cast happens when the upper body spins to fast, soo soon and dominates transition. This spinning action creates a force that helps propel the arms, hands, and club outward.  On 3D I will typically see an early straightening of the trail arm, or an early flexing of the trail wrist.  There is also a distinct look to the kinematic sequence for casters.

An athletic move

When it comes to spinning, some athletes have it all figured out. One of the best examples is figure skaters. They build a lot of speed, and then when they want to spin faster, they pull their arms in close. When you let the club head (not your hands in golf) gets far away from you, it’s like the figure skater letting his or her arms go out. This movement SLOWS down rotation. In the golf swing, the timing of when you want the club to get away from you, is through impact.

As you work on impact and follow through, you can start working on the overall feel of the swing which is being narrow in transition, and wide in the follow through. If you are used to playing sports that require a lot of strength, this narrow position will probably feel weak, so initially, you will have to rely on how it looks in your video instead of how it feels in your swing.

Short game

A cast is not necessarily bad, unless it is used at the wrong time. The idea time to use a cast sequence is for the short game.  If you are a good wedge player, but struggle with distance or with the longer clubs, then there is a good chance that you swing the golf club with a cast or upper body dominant swing pattern.

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