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Brush Through Low Point

In a solid tour release pattern the club head will be low to the ground after impact. In this drill, your goal is to feel the club on the ground a few inches in front of where the ball started. To do this drill, first get in your set up position. Second, get into your impact position. Then third, place the club ahead of the ball, and have the club still on the ground. In this final position, take inventory of what is different in your body compared to when the club is normally that far past the ball. Then make 9-3 swing feeling the club brush in the same way.

Tags: Poor Contact, Iron, Impact, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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So we've got a number of drills that we use here for getting good ground or club to ground contact.

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So we've got the brushing the ground series, we've got the famous line drill.

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There's a lot of waste, the other show impact, or even the push ball drill, is a way to kind of feel this.

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So a lot of golfers become ball aware and really forget about the ground and how we want the club to interact with the ground.

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And having the club interact with the ground is a clearer way to get really good path feedback than just relying on ball contact.

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So let's say I've got my setup something like this.

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I've just got a string, this is called the T-cloth.

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If you have a mat at home, it's a pretty cool little piece of equipment.

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Just easy to put lines on the ground and if you hit it with your club, it doesn't break too often.

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They do provide you with a few extra replacement cords.

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But basically what I'm going to do is I'm set up to about where this ball is.

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And then I'm going to walk through feeling where the club is going to be very low.

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Because the general tendency for a lot of amateurs is to have the club load the ground here and then it starts coming up very very quickly there.

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However, if I'm building this flat spot, if I'm trying to get the arms extending on the way through, what I'll tend to find is that the club is going to be very low to the ground there as opposed to there.

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You can see the difference in the height of the club.

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That means that the club would be just brushing the ground as opposed to slamming down in the ground and bouncing back up.

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So here we go.

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There's my ball position.

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I want the club to be in the ground about four inches after the golf ball, kind of like this.

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So I'm going to go to impact position and then where the club will be there.

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And I'm just going to practice kind of brushing the ground kind of like this. Now, if I actually set up to the ball and did it, you can see that I would brush just after the line and for as long as I can after it.

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Once I've got this really good ground contact, then I can set up and I can try to get that same feeling.

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So it brushes the ground through there.

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And then I'm just going to do a little nine to three. Now I felt a little early extension on that one.

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I messed up my release.

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So let's try and correct that.

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So there's that feeling of kind of brushing the ground. That was pretty good. So now I'm going to go to waist height.

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That brush the ground a little bit better. I could really feel the club just kind of slide in front of the golf ball.

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So this is a great way for you to get more ground focus, ground aware as opposed to ball focus and really help you dial in some of your training practices.

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