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Both Arms Can't Swing Like A Pendulum

There is a strong tendency for most golfers to swing both arms like a pendulum when beginning single arm training. The problem with that method is that if both arms swing like a pendulum, then the club will follow separate paths. The goal in single arm release training is to train both arms to swing the club on the same path.

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This drill is both arms can't swing like a pendulum.

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So when you're doing the single arm drills, if you're working on your release,

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I'm going to show you a common problem that I see as a lot of golfers work through these drills.

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The common problem is they want to swing both arms like a pendulum.

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Now they're not aware that that's what they're trying to do,

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but they're trying to swing both arms basically from the shoulder socket,

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keeping the arm pretty straight and just kind of letting the club swing from underneath it.

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Now because my arms are in a good distance away from each other,

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if this arm swings from a pendulum and this arm swings from the pendulum,

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you'll see that there's no possible way for those hands to follow the exact same path.

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So there's no way that the club would follow the same path given each hand.

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For example, if this right arm swings like a pendulum,

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then this position here where the left arm would have to have some bend to it.

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Where if the left arm swings like a pendulum, then in this position here,

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that right arm would have to have the bend.

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So you can't have both arms swing like a pendulum.

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One has to act more like a piston.

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So if the right arm is going to act like a piston, it will tend to look more like this.

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Those are the two ways to have the combined actions work more like a pendulum.

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Because you can have everything work like a pendulum when you have both hands on the club.

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We're swinging a little bit more around your rib cage.

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But the problem with that is it's very much a U-shaped swing.

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So if I have any amount of side bend, the club is going to tend to want to swing low to high.

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Even if I tend to delay my risk, it's still going to tend to swing low to high.

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Compared to if I have that trail arm working more like a pendulum,

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the club will work a little bit more high to low and have a longer flat spot or brush location.

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So when you're doing these single arms, you want to make sure that that trail arm is working a little bit more like a piston.

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It can be very fluid.

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It doesn't have to be explosive, but in order to get the left arm to work a little bit more like that pendulum.

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Then the right arm, the right elbow is going to have to have some bend in it.

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You can't just swing it from the shoulders.

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So pay attention to those details when you're working through the single arm releases here in the release section.

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