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Alignment - Work From Grip Backwards

Many golfers struggle with alignment, especially on the course. When it comes time to troubleshoot though, players will often default to the old "club across the toe-line" test. Unfortunately, this method does not give us a ton of information, especially when we consider that in some cases it may be okay for a player to setup slightly open or closed, depending upon their physical make-up. As we know, some of golf's legends such as Trevino and Snead played from a stance-line that was not perfectly "square". Thus, when it comes time to diagnose a suspected alignment issue, I would advocate for the following approach:

      1. Forearms
      2. Shoulders/Scapulae
      3. Ribcage
      4. Pelvis 
      5. Feet

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Tags: Fundamentals, Set Up, Concept, Intermediate

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