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Fix Your Hook

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Across The Line or Laid-Off

When thinking about the top of the swing, it is best to remember the following:

(1) An "across the line" position will require more timing and shallowing during the downswing. 

(2) A "laid off" position is pre-shallowed. That is, less timing and shallowing will be required during the downswing. 

Ultimately, there is no "perfect" or ideal backswing position. Instead, it is best to think about the backswing as it relates to transition and a solid delivery position.

However, if you struggle with shallow/steep contact or path control issues, you can use these (2) rules to refine your backswing and hopefully mitigate any of the issues you are experiencing in transition and at impact. 

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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Backswing, Concept

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