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9 To 3 - Follow Through Hold

This version of the 9-to-3 is great for troubleshooting the follow-through position & challenging awareness. Specifically, we want to focus on monitoring:

  • Body Position 
    • Upper-body slightly behind lower-body (good "bracing").
    • Head, shoulders, & hips titled slightly towards the golf ball.
  • Arms
    • Finish with the arms straight out (parallel to ground, in front of belly button).
    • Clubhead finishes to the right of the hands (see "Hands In, Club Out In Follow Through").
    • Clubhead finishes slightly below the hands.

After each shot, you will want to perform a quick "mental scan" for these checkpoints; this will improve the feedback from each rep, regardless of the contact or result (as long as you hold your follow-through for a few moments), and ultimately, make your practice more efficient. At times, golfers can get into the habit of "hitting & raking", which is typically an emotional & frustrating way to practice; this is especially true if you are unaware of what may be causing your issue(s). If you fall into this pattern or struggle with the release, this is a great way to "double-dip" and do some mental & technical work simultaneously.

Playlists: Train Your Release, Practice Strategies

Tags: Practice Strategies, Follow Through, Drill, Intermediate

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