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9 To 3 - Follow Through Hold

This version of the 9-to-3 is great for troubleshooting the follow-through position & challenging awareness. Specifically, we want to focus on monitoring:

  • Body Position 
    • Upper-body slightly behind lower-body (good "bracing").
    • Head, shoulders, & hips titled slightly towards the golf ball.
  • Arms
    • Finish with the arms straight out (parallel to ground, in front of belly button).
    • Clubhead finishes to the right of the hands (see "Hands In, Club Out In Follow Through").
    • Clubhead finishes slightly below the hands.

After each shot, you will want to perform a quick "mental scan" for these checkpoints; this will improve the feedback from each rep, regardless of the contact or result (as long as you hold your follow-through for a few moments), and ultimately, make your practice more efficient. At times, golfers can get into the habit of "hitting & raking", which is typically an emotional & frustrating way to practice; this is especially true if you are unaware of what may be causing your issue(s). If you fall into this pattern or struggle with the release, this is a great way to "double-dip" and do some mental & technical work simultaneously.

Tags: Practice Strategies, Follow Through, Drill, Intermediate

00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:03,000
This drill is 9 to 3, follow through hole.

00:00:03,000 --> 00:00:09,000
So I'm going to do some 9 to 3s and I'm going to focus on getting into the best follow-through

00:00:09,000 --> 00:00:11,000
position that I can get to.

00:00:11,000 --> 00:00:17,000
So I could do some compilamentary movements here in transition or at the top of the 9 to 3.

00:00:17,000 --> 00:00:23,000
So I could be working on hinging, I could be working on sequencing, I could be working

00:00:23,000 --> 00:00:27,000
on the wipe or the motorcycle or any of the other key components here.

00:00:27,000 --> 00:00:32,000
But I'm really going to pay attention to where I finish.

00:00:32,000 --> 00:00:35,000
And I'm going to try to focus on a couple different things.

00:00:35,000 --> 00:00:40,000
With the body position, I'm going to make sure that my upper body is slightly behind the

00:00:40,000 --> 00:00:44,000
lower body so I have a good brace, I'd be in that water-skier position.

00:00:44,000 --> 00:00:49,000
And I'm going to make sure that my head and shoulders and hips are all pointed down towards

00:00:49,000 --> 00:00:51,000
the golf ball like so.

00:00:51,000 --> 00:00:56,000
With the arms, I'm going to make sure that my arms are finished straight out in front of my

00:00:56,000 --> 00:01:01,000
belly button so I'm not way up here, not way down there.

00:01:01,000 --> 00:01:06,000
And the club is slightly out to the right of my hands, so I'm going to make sure that

00:01:06,000 --> 00:01:10,000
it's not way over there.

00:01:10,000 --> 00:01:16,000
I'm also going to make sure that the club is slightly below the height of my hands, it's

00:01:16,000 --> 00:01:18,000
not way up here.

00:01:18,000 --> 00:01:22,000
So I'm going to do my best to hit that position.

00:01:22,000 --> 00:01:25,000
But then the real key to this drill is I'm just going to hold the position and I'm going

00:01:25,000 --> 00:01:27,000
to scan each one of them.

00:01:27,000 --> 00:01:30,000
So I'm working on that follow-through position.

00:01:30,000 --> 00:01:33,000
I'm actually not too concerned.

00:01:33,000 --> 00:01:37,000
At this point, the golf ball is more of a distraction.

00:01:37,000 --> 00:01:42,000
So my goal is to stay here and check the positions.

00:01:42,000 --> 00:01:44,000
I was a little bit taller than I would have liked to be.

00:01:44,000 --> 00:01:48,000
That makes sense why the ball might have gone a little bit left.

00:01:48,000 --> 00:01:53,000
But I'm not judging whether this was a good one or bad one based on the contact and the

00:01:53,000 --> 00:01:54,000
ball flight.

00:01:54,000 --> 00:01:55,000
I'm judging it based on that position.

00:01:55,000 --> 00:02:01,000
So oftentimes what I see on the range is some golfers will be working on this and they'll

00:02:01,000 --> 00:02:05,000
go and they'll reach for another one just like that.

00:02:05,000 --> 00:02:07,000
And I'll say that was a wasted rep.

00:02:07,000 --> 00:02:13,000
You overreacted, you built an emotional pattern, you didn't focus on where you were trying

00:02:13,000 --> 00:02:14,000
to get to.

00:02:14,000 --> 00:02:20,000
And one of the skills that hitting really good golf shots is just letting the golf ball get

00:02:20,000 --> 00:02:25,000
in the way and learning to basically make this wing either hitting the positions or

00:02:25,000 --> 00:02:31,000
feeling the rhythm and not necessarily being so focused on the ball but focused on the swinging

00:02:31,000 --> 00:02:41,000
motion of the club rather than having this violent kind of tense position of impact.

00:02:41,000 --> 00:02:47,000
So we'll do a few more to get that out of my system.

00:02:47,000 --> 00:02:51,000
And now I'm just going to bring it back.

00:02:51,000 --> 00:02:52,000
Check this position.

00:02:52,000 --> 00:02:57,000
That's pretty good right there, a little fine tuning.

00:02:57,000 --> 00:02:59,000

00:02:59,000 --> 00:03:06,000
And then do you want more?

00:03:06,000 --> 00:03:12,000
So the other thing of note is if I find that I'm hitting most of the positions, I'm not

00:03:12,000 --> 00:03:17,000
going to try to necessarily get it perfect all at once.

00:03:17,000 --> 00:03:21,000
I might zero in on the one or two that I'm having trouble with.

00:03:21,000 --> 00:03:26,000
Like today it looks like I've a tendency to get out of the side because I were out of

00:03:26,000 --> 00:03:32,000
the side bending because I slept a little funky two days ago and it hasn't quite recovered

00:03:32,000 --> 00:03:35,000

00:03:35,000 --> 00:03:39,000
So that one was a little fat and I can feel that my hands are a little bit high and I've

00:03:39,000 --> 00:03:43,000
slipped a little bit more forward than I would like to be.

00:03:43,000 --> 00:03:47,000
So that tells me that when I was trying to do the side bend I was cheating and trying

00:03:47,000 --> 00:03:54,000
to do it more with the arms and with the lower body instead of doing it more from the

00:03:54,000 --> 00:03:55,000

00:03:55,000 --> 00:03:59,000
So there I'm just zeroing in what I want to work on.

00:03:59,000 --> 00:04:06,000
Even though that was poorer contact to me that was a better rep.

00:04:06,000 --> 00:04:13,000
Now I'll probably get decent contact on this next one.

00:04:13,000 --> 00:04:18,000
So again I went through the little process there of refining the piece that I needed to

00:04:18,000 --> 00:04:21,000
and then putting it together back into a movement.

00:04:21,000 --> 00:04:26,000
I wasn't reacting just to how well I did as far as contact with the ball.

00:04:26,000 --> 00:04:31,000
I knew that that would come with enough practice once I was hitting more the positions

00:04:31,000 --> 00:04:34,000
and the movements were more in sync.

00:04:35,000 --> 00:04:39,000
Hopefully this gives you a little insight as to how to do these drills as well as some

00:04:39,000 --> 00:04:45,000
really key components to when you're working on your follow through side of the nine to three.

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