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9 To 3 - Down & Not Up

This is a great version of the 9-to-3 for golfers who really struggle with a "flip" style release or a lack of extension through impact. By placing an added emphasis on the arms extending down and away from the body, while the clubhead continues to remain low to the ground, we can start to re-train some of these less efficient release patterns. Overall, this should improve the length of the "flat-spot" and ensure that the maximum arc width is occuring after impact (and not before), both of which are important for consistent ball-striking. 

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Tags: Fundamentals, Poor Contact, Chicken Wing, Impact, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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Strel is 9 to 3 down not up.

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So this drill is more for golfers who have a tendency to have an early release pattern

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and get the club kind of bending or getting the arms bending more chicken wings scooping

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kind of flipping on the way through.

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So golfers tend to do more of their 9 to 3's kind of more like this where the arms are

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pulling in through impact rather than going away from the body.

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So the idea in this version of the 9 to 3 is that you're focusing on trying to get

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your arms to extend down away from your body.

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Now in reality, down and away from your body is not going to go straight into the ground

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if my body has had some rotation to it.

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The hands will come up but for many golfers who are used to bending it will feel like

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it's going down.

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If you wanted to exaggerate the feeling of the club going down, then you would just have

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to prevent your arms or your body from getting open and having any turn.

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So then the arms would have a down and extended feel or the feel would match reality.

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But for this 9 to 3 so basically working belly button to belly button height, your

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focus is that the arms are getting into full extension in the finish position and that

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your arms are staying or the club is staying low to the ground through there.

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The only way you're going to get that club to be low to the ground through there is by

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having a feeling of the arms extending the club down.

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One common problem with golfers who early release or chicken wing is that the lowest point

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will be right about here and then just after impact the club will be a couple inches

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or an inch or two off the ground.

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So when you're doing this version of the 9 to 3 you're basically going to feel like

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that club stays low to the ground through the hitting area.

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Once you can comfortably do that with your 9 to 3, work your way up to 10 to 2 and full

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swings, making sure that you get the same ground contact as well as release feel.

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So when you take the bigger swings the club won't necessarily stop through there but

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it will go through that position on its way up.

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So attend to focusing on the club working more down through there.

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May hit a tiny bit lower than normal which is a good little at least a very easy and

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in shot to have and now we'll try and take it up more towards a full swing.

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And like so working on the club going down through the hitting area instead of coming

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up focusing first with the quality of your 9 to 3 release.

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